Karori homeowner Cate worked with Refresh Renovations to modernise her bathroom and two bedrooms.

WORDS Mina Phillips

As part of a larger home renovation project, Karori homeowner Cate worked with Refresh Renovations to modernise her bathroom and two bedrooms. Her home’s two bedrooms both had some 70s flair and character - however, Cate wanted to update them into rooms she would feel excited about providing as guest accommodation. She also wanted to transform her existing pink bathroom into a space that better suited her style. 

“We wanted to bring the home up to date, improve functionality and bring it to a healthier home standard”, emphasises Cate. “It was my first renovation so I wanted someone who could help with project management and bring forward ideas for what I could do and indications of what I couldn’t do.”  

The plan was to revamp the bathroom, improve insulation throughout the home, reline the walls and repaint. Cate was also enthusiastic about wanting a new, big shower. To achieve this, her renovation specialist Mark Morrison worked with his team to create a larger bathroom that could accommodate a spacious walk-in, entry-level shower.

The colour schemes within all three rooms were updated with a simple white base colour, with black accents and large tiles adding elegance and glamour to the bathroom.

“It looks great!”, concludes Mark.

With modern bedrooms for her guests to stay in and a sophisticated new bathroom, Cate is happy with the result.

“The tradies that they had were all a really good crew”, she says. “The new bathroom is great - I love how it turned out, especially the tiled area. I think it’s pretty cool!”

To see how Refresh assisted Cate with her kitchen renovation, be sure to check out part 1 of this project where the kitchen was renovated.


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23 Sep 2019
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