A Stunning Bathroom Renovation in Ahuriri, Napier

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bathroom with wooden cabinets and two sinks under a half circle mirror

This modern home in Ahuriri, Napier had been architecturally designed but both the family bathroom and en suite were dated and in need of a drastic makeover. Top to toe renovations transformed the spaces into stylish and modern bathrooms.

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A Double Bathroom Makeover

Sophia and Mike’s bathrooms had some very questionable design choices. Between yellow shower glass, small blue floor tile, an en suite with no toilet, and vanities with apron sinks, there was a lot that needed changing to bring their bathrooms up to date! 

As Refresh Consultants for the Hawke’s Bay, they knew exactly what to expect from a renovation project, and how following the Refresh system – even as consultants – could deliver fantastic results. Having realised the renovation dreams of dozens of customers, they decided it was time to transform their own home. Sophia would effectively act as the client while Mike project-managed the entire renovation, applying his skills and knowledge to their home transformation journey.

Creating a Concept

Sophia and Mike were looking for a complete overhaul of their bathrooms. The en suite’s jarring colours were certainly not conducive to a relaxing personal sanctuary and having an additional toilet was a priority. The main bathroom had an acrylic shower liner, dated vanity, and lacked any real style or personality: Sophia wanted to create a very different look.

Mike worked with a designer to create a new floor plan for their en suite, and develop bathroom concepts that favoured on-trend neutrals to create light, bright, and relaxing rooms. After the costings were completed and they had a working schedule in place, the couple moved forward with the transformation. They decided to tackle both bathroom renovations at once which was made possible by using a portable shower on site – just another thing Refresh can organise!

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Overcoming building challenges

Soon both bathrooms were stripped back and ready to remodel, and Sophia was able to experience first-hand the benefit of being a Refresh customer. From sourcing tradespeople and working with suppliers to securing council consent and organising the work schedule, every element of the renovation was expertly managed by Mike, resulting in a stress-free process for Sophia.  

However, even Refresh Consultants are not immune from renovation challenges. During the build, an old waste in the floor was discovered that had previously been tiled over. This had to be dug out, but Mike and his plumber designed a solution that worked out better in the long run. A new waste was connected and the double shower now has a drain at each end.

The plumbing challenges didn’t stop there; a considerable section of the concrete slab in the en suite had to be cut to connect the new toilet into the existing sewer line. While cutting the slab, plumbers encountered the foundations of the outside concrete retaining wall, so they needed to problem solve, change direction, and cut a new track to the current sewer line.

A Modern Transformation

Sophia and Mike’s en suite and family bathroom both underwent stunning transformations. The en suite is finally practical with the inclusion of a toilet, which is cleverly hidden thanks to the addition of a half-height privacy wall. A tall arch mirror complements the ceiling height. The shower niche incorporates a light strip along with a backlit mirror that looks amazing at night, and the gunmetal grey fittings and tile trim are modern yet gentle in effect.

Both bathrooms have clever heated towel rail solutions that work with the available space. In the main bathroom, a recessed towel rail behind the door is a fantastic use of space, while in the en suite, floor-mounted heat poles were installed. The solid timber vanities in both spaces are beautiful statement pieces.

Sophia is thrilled with the outcome. “It was so valuable to go through the renovation process as a ‘client’ and experience first-hand the benefits of the Refresh system. Both bathrooms look stunning, and I’m particularly happy with the dark floor tile – it was a difficult decision but there is enough natural light in both rooms that the dark floor tiles look amazing!” 

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This project was completed in
January 2024
Project description
Bathroom and En-suite Renovation
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand
Project duration
9 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Concrete slab in the en suite had to be cut to connect the new toilet into the existing sewer line.
Interesting aspects
Dark, large format tile makes a dramatic statement.
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Sophia Roydhouse-Ross is Renovation Consultant of RNR Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Hawkes Bay.

Mike Ross is Renovation Consultant of RNR Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Hawkes Bay.

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