An Ensuite Transformed for Modern Living in Crawley

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With a reconfigured layout and completely upgraded interior, this ensuite has become much more spacious and functional than its original build

With a reconfigured layout and completely upgraded interior, this ensuite has become much more spacious and functional than its original build.

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The Initial Consultation

Fiona, the owner of this Perth apartment, wanted to update her tired ensuite. The room had aged with the years and lacked both the stylistic and practical qualities of modern bathroom designs. Fiona wasn’t happy with the dated spa bath or the small shower unit as one of the screens had misaligned with the frame.
It was time for a change – but these projects aren’t so easy to undertake. And after hearing about a friend’s bad experience with renovating, she was wary of the potential problems. So, to ensure her renovation would be a success, she sought advice from an expert and reached out to their local Renovation Consultant.
During their initial consultation, Fiona discussed her ideas, and her Renovation Consultant explained how Refresh’s renovation process works. Learning about the 5-step approach made her more comfortable with undertaking the project, and she happily let Renovation Consultant take the lead.

Costing the Project

Fiona’s bathroom renovation was primarily budget-led. Starting out, she had a $20,000 budget in mind. However, she also had a long list of improvements that were important to achieve. The Renovation Consultant carefully evaluated her goals and found they’d require a larger budget. But this was no problem, as he helped her determine what needed prioritising to keep the renovation within her price range.
Fiona decided to remove the heated towel rail and second LED mirror from the project’s scope, saving on the product costs and the electrical work. With those adjustments, the Renovation Consultant had the final designs drawn up and estimated he could achieve the entire renovation with a budget of $24,750 – well within Fiona’s expectations.

A Tight Timeline 

Due to work commitments, Fiona had two timeline options for the build phase. If the Renovation Consultant could complete the renovation within a month, she wanted to go ahead with it straight away. And if this weren’t possible, she would have to postpone construction by five months. 
Confident in his team, Renovation Consultant's knew he could have the project completed within a month – which is exactly what he did. The ensuite renovation was carried out across September of 2021 and was finished just in time for Fiona’s work schedule.

Construction Time

The Renovation Consultant and their renovation team undertook the build phase alongside a handful of specialist tradespeople. Their expertise was invaluable and resulted in high-quality craftsmanship, which can be found in all corners of the renovated ensuite. 
The renovation required complete demolition of the existing bathroom, leaving a blank canvas for the new additions. Part of this process involved removing the bathroom door, as the new design features a doorless ensuite for a more spacious feel.
During the build phase, Fiona asked the Renovation Consultant if she could additionally have her walk-in wardrobe repainted. This was no issue, and the Renovation Consultantquickly organised for a professional painter to freshen up the wardrobe, all while keeping within the strict timeline. 

The Frameless Walk-in Shower

The renovated ensuite is a breath of fresh air. Fully modernised, the room now appears brighter and more spacious. Repositioning the shower to the back corner played a significant part in opening up the space. But its new frameless walk-in design also contributes to the airy atmosphere and ultimately makes the 6m2 room feel bigger. 
Dual chrome showerheads and floor-to-ceiling grey tiling combine for a minimalistic appearance that is effortlessly luxurious. And these tiles/finishings continue throughout the rest of the ensuite for a harmonious design.

Beautiful Vanities with Ample Storage Space

Without a bathtub, the ensuite has made room for two vanities. While one is made of classic shaker cabinetry, a white stone benchtop, and a built-in basin, the other is made of the same benchtop and that alone, providing more of a beauty station to sit down at and prepare for the day ahead. 
Overhead cabinetry above the beauty station provides additional storage space without disrupting the minimalist interior design as it blends in with the room’s white walls. And above the main vanity, a large LED mirror provides a beautiful yet practical addition. 

Final Thoughts

Fiona is thrilled with the results of her ensuite renovation. Incorporating quality supplies from Harvey Norman Commercial, the space has entirely transformed into an airy, modern bathroom with a relaxing minimalist style – and all within a month’s time. The swift build phase is proof that with professional project management, quick timelines are possible.
Her wariness around renovating is now a thing of the past, as the renovation was an enjoyable experience from start to finish. With all boxes checked off her list of improvements, the ensuite is ready to enjoy for years to come.

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October 2021
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Creating open-plan living to take advantage of lakeside views.
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