An impressive finish for a complete home transformation in Te Atatū, West Auckland

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As soon as these homeowners purchased their 1920s Te Atatū villa, they began planning its renovation. But, as seasoned renovators, they knew this project was more than they wanted to take on themselves.

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Bringing in the experts

When homeowners Ryan and Amanda first purchased their 1920s Te Atatū villa, they planned to renovate the property and transform it into their forever home. There were ample opportunities to enhance the original features as well as update and modernise the  spacious four-bedroom two-bathroom villa.

Experienced renovators themselves, Ryan and Amanda appreciated the significant workload ahead and opted to get in touch with Refresh to take the reins, allowing them to focus on their busy professional lives. They were connected with local West Auckland Renovation Consultant Fiona Fairbairn who visited their property to conduct an initial consultation. 

Thorough planning

Ryan and Amanda shared their tentative plans with Fiona. After much deliberation since buying their home, they’d decided on how exactly to modernise the interior. Creating better flow throughout the living areas was a high priority. Achieving their desired aesthetic was more important than setting a firm budget, but they still wanted to get the best value for their investment. 

As planning continued, the trio was able to refine the scope. Flooring was a major issue. There was a combination of tongue and groove kauri floors and narrow particle board vinyl, some of it patched with wood filler, so Fiona knew that had to be addressed to create continuity throughout the living areas. She continued to work through multiple concept design iterations with the couple until they landed on something they loved. 

Facing challenges head on

During the planning stages, both Fiona and the homeowners acknowledged that, given the age of the property, there were bound to be unexpected discoveries once construction began. They didn’t anticipate how soon these would become apparent. Fiona coordinated a team of tradespeople to get started and almost immediately uncovered some earlier renovations that halted progress. 

The property had a lean-to with previous work that significantly affected the plans. Fiona worked with a team of architects, engineers, and house lifters to identify the best approach and avoid making costly and extensive structural changes. If Ryan and Amanda had self-managed their project, this situation would have required them to take considerable time away from their work. Thanks to Fiona’s expertise, that wasn’t necessary.

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Staying on track

With Fiona managing the entire renovation, Ryan and Amanda were involved and engaged throughout the challenges. They understood the complexities of the situation and carefully reviewed the trade-offs of each solution Fiona presented. Ultimately, they opted to make changes to the kitchen design and break the project into two phases, which enabled them to remain resident in a functional home throughout the renovation. 

With the solution agreed, Ryan and Amanda’s renovation progressed steadily. Four months of active construction and $265,000 later, their home was finished. Everything was completely updated, from the bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas to functional elements like electrical, plumbing, and gas, right down to the fixtures and finishings. 

Final Thoughts

Attention to detail is undoubtedly the most impressive aspect of this complete home transformation. Consistency throughout with all finishings – doors, hardware, skirting, and flooring – creates a cohesiveness throughout the property, giving it a classic yet modern feel. 

As lovers of design, Ryan and Amanda don’t shy away from the bold, so the patterned wallpaper, rich greens and blues, and geometric shapes displayed throughout the home reflect their vibrant personal style. 

Fiona’s skilled management throughout, challenges included, has delivered a fantastic result for the homeowners.

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This project was completed in
September 2023
Project description
Full home renovation
West Auckland
New Zealand
Project duration
4 months
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Fiona Fairbairn is Renovation Consultant of Premino Limited, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in West Auckland.

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