An outdoor pool landscape design in Gold Coast

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Tiling, paving, carpentry, electrical work, waterproofing, pool fencing, plastering, outdoor shower installation + more

Renovation Specialist Martin Peirone helped this busy family achieve their dream outdoor pool landscape design.

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Hoping to balance their busy lifestyle with a serene outdoor living area, homeowner Louisa and her family contacted their local Refresh Renovations Specialist Martin Peirone for some support and guidance. The family’s main priorities were to create a peaceful outdoor lounge and to modernise their outdoor areas. Using the Refresh process, Martin and his team helped the family to develop their ideas into a feasible design and build.

Landscape design

These homeowners had a number of items on their wishlist. They wanted to modernise their swimming pool area’s terracotta tiling, remove the infinity styling of their swimming pool (as the water was washing over the side), install an outdoor pool shower, update their barbeque area and extend their patio - just to name a few items. Martin helped the homeowners develop these ideas into a design and, from there, provided them with an all-inclusive cost estimate. With the cost approved, Martin then proceeded to order the project’s supplies and scheduled in his construction manager as well as a team of experienced tradespeople. 


To start with, Martin’s team began by demolishing the landscape surrounding the outdoor pool as well as the outdoor floor tiles on the home’s first-floor balcony. From there, the project progressed from a blank canvas. 
The upstairs balcony was waterproofed and retiled. Downstairs, textured tiles were used to replace the original terracotta tiling and to extend the patio area that the new outdoor lounge would sit on. To optimise and match the property’s existing decking, new stairs were also built. 
Around the pool area; Martin’s team removed and upgraded part of the pool’s fencing, installed new pool coping and added in an outdoor shower.
While there were many aspects to this project, the main focus was the outdoor lounge. Martin worked with an engineer to remove the original patio roof and replace it with a larger cantilevered roof. As the original cabinetry alongside the barbeque had been damaged by rain, it was removed and replaced along with the barbeque. To prevent damage from occurring in the future, Martin’s team installed a perspex sheet roof over the barbeque area. To complete the space, an outdoor lighting plan was implemented - giving the updated outdoor area some additional “wow” factor in the evenings.       

A new Mediterranean landscape design

The stunning new design has provided Louisa and her family with a luxurious space where they can unwind from their busy lives. 
“The change was night and day - as you can see from the images”, says Martin. “The overall 2020 look and feel just came out really well. We hit the mark on all of the customers’ objectives in terms of modernisation and useability. They seem very happy with the result.”
“The whole process of renovating the outdoor space of our home was easy”, tells Louisa in a 5-star review. “From the initial meeting with Martin outlining the process, to meetings with Paul to make sure those ideas were possible and sensible; the communication was fuss-free and straightforward. The job was completed to a high standard and almost exactly on time (cannot control the weather!). Highly recommended and I will use them again.” 

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This project was completed in
January 2021
Project description
Tiling, paving, carpentry, electrical work, waterproofing, pool fencing, plastering, outdoor shower installation + more
Gold Coast
Project duration
6 weeks
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The clients, who lived in Canada, were able to access project updates using Refresh's customer portal
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Martin Peirone is Renovation Consultant of Marbepi Pty Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Australia PTY Ltd, doing business in Gold Coast.

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