An updated 1950's home

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renovated 1950's Wollongong home

Refresh transformed this 1950's Wollongong home from dated to dapper within just a few weeks.

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Built in 1957, this much-loved West Wollongong home underwent a major second storey addition in the late 1980’s - but had undergone very little work since. Before being introduced to a renovation specialist, the house exterior was outdated and run-down. Homeowner Linda decided it was most definitely time for a “Refresh”.

Hamptons-style house design

“The house was looking dated and shabby”, tells Linda. “In this renovation, the whole exterior of the house was to be replaced and the given a “Hamptons Style” look.”
Linda met with Refresh specialists to discuss how her roofing, eaves, barges, gutters, cladding, windows, doors, lighting, external fixtures and tiling could all be updated to create a modern and inviting Hamptons-style home. The Refresh team guided Linda through the Refresh process, ensuring she was provided with practical advice and inspirational ideas to bring her home back to life. 
“Originally, Linda and her family thought they might be able to do the renovation for approximately $100k”, tells the renovation specialist. “At the initial briefing, we informed them that this wasn't going to be possible, knowing what was involved; the number of trades needed, and the large area being covered. We predicted at that stage that they were more likely to be looking at a $250-300k renovation, but only a concept and feasibility study would be able to narrow this down. 
“They agreed to do the study. After a full measure up of the house, consultations with Linda and her family about the potential finishes they wanted, and discussions with trades - we predicted the total renovation would cost between $220k - $260k. The family agreed to go to working drawings and costings, and - after all the selections were made - an all-inclusive fixed quote of $249,990 was provided.”

The Refresh process

Using Refresh’s step-by-step process meant that Linda and her family were able to make any preferred tweaks to their design and that they understood the costs and specifications involved before any work began.
“The Refresh process, with its thorough planning and use of their project management application, was very helpful”, says Linda. “We could see the work progressing to schedule and knew what to expect from day-to-day.”
With the project approved, Refresh's team began the home transformation process. The tiled ground-floor and first storey roofing was replaced with Colourbond roofing - with both rooflines being rectified in the process. The covered rear-deck roof was also replaced.

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the whole project was more like going on an adventure with friends than a stressful job
The front and back doors were updated along with all of the home’s windows. The house was given a new fascia, eaves, guttering, downpipes, wall insulation and lights. The original brick exterior was rendered, with exterior surfaces receiving new paint. The front verandah, front entry and rear deck all received makeovers and the property’s sewage and drainage were improved - all within seven weeks!
“Working with Refresh was very easy”, says Linda. “Due to their enthusiasm and the confidence they inspired, the whole project was more like going on an adventure with friends than a stressful job. The third permanent member of their team, John, who was the supervising builder on site, was also very friendly, competent, approachable and seemingly unflappable. They all offered helpful suggestions and gently steered us away from any ideas that would have been mistakes, but never over-rode our wishes. They were always available to answer questions, and the renovation specialists arranged meetings with us at times that suited our work hours.

Final thoughts

“We are very pleased with the final result. The house looks wonderful and the fact that they used good tradespeople and quality products shows. It’s hard to pick a favourite feature as there are many outstanding features, but perhaps for me it’s the fretwork on the verandah beams; it adds a crisp, clean quality that helps to define the Hampton style, yet is a little bit fancy, and that saves the front of the house from being perhaps a little plain. I would happily recommend Refresh to other homeowners.”

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This project was completed in
July 2019
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Project description
A complete exterior renovation of a 1950's home
Project duration
7 weeks
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