Bathroom Bust Out In Melbourne PART 2

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Relocating the laundry to the great outdoors was the perfect solution for this Melbourne homeowner.

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Before you get started, see Part One of this Bathroom Bust Out In Melbourne
Most people would be reluctant to give up the convenience of a separate laundry room and relocate the washing machine to the back deck, but not these homeowners.  With a small main bathroom and adjoining small laundry room it made sense to merge the two rooms and create a spacious main bathroom hence the need to temporarily relocate the clothes washing function to the great outdoors.
The second/guest bathroom in the house had previously been renovated by Paul Cree, of Refresh Renovations, so the homeowners were familiar with the 5 step Refresh process of Briefing, Concept and Feasibility, Working Drawings and Costings, Build and Finish and were happy to entrust this next phase of their renovation into Pauls capable hands.

Wall demolition

The first step was the removal of the wall between the laundry and bathroom. “Typical of the age of this house, all walls and ceilings in the wet areas were made from asbestos, so we brought in specialist contractors to ensure it was safely removed,” explained Paul. “The two existing windows were replaced with windows of equal size and glazed with frosted glass to provide privacy,” he added.
“The main living area of the house has polished wood floors and the homeowners wanted to mirror this style in the bathroom. This was achieved using the latest realistic wood pattern tiles from Beaumont Tiles, “said Paul.

Installing underfloor heating

“Australian homes are not built for cold weather so the addition of underfloor heating in the bathroom is so nice and we love it. We can’t wait for next winter,” said the happy Homeowner. The room was tiled from floor to ceiling in a single herringbone pattern using pale blue tiles from Beaumont Tiles. Whilst the final result was outstanding, laying the tiles in the Herringbone pattern was time consuming and incurred additional daily labour costs that were not factored into the original budget.

Bathroom design considerations

Even though the new room is long and narrow, subtle decisions made during the design process, such as installing wall hung cabinetry and a wall hung toilet, resulted in the exposure of more floor space and enhanced the feeling of balance throughout the room.
A frameless glass shower screen, modern grey stone basin and bell shaped pendant lights all contribute to the luxurious feel of this stunning new bathroom.

The final renovation cost

The renovation took 4.5 weeks with the asbestos removal and additional time it took to lay the tiles adding to the original estimated timeframe. The final cost was A$30k and the end result is happy customers with a bathroom they can enjoy for many years to come.

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