Bathroom Renovation in Eaglemont, Victoria

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New Frameless Shower in an Eaglemont Bathroom

Mary contacted Refresh after seeing what a fabulous job they did on her neighbour's bathroom. She wasn't disappointed.

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Soon after Mary Lawrey moved into her 3-bedroom townhouse in Ashby Grove, Eaglemont, Victoria, the shower in the ensuite started to leak. Whilst there were a few attempts over the years to fix the issue, it was never fully resolved and the bathroom cabinet bore the brunt of continuous exposure to water, until it reached the point where it had to be replaced.
Mary’s neighbour Jennifer had recently renovated her ensuite bathroom, because of the same issue and when Mary saw the quality of workmanship and the outstanding result, she knew this was the solution to her problem. She contacted Paul Cree of Refresh Renovations and together with his Construction Manager, Tas Boucher, they met with Mary to discuss the scope of the project. As Mary’s house was a mirror image of Jennifer’s, this project had the same fundamental elements as the house next door.
Bathroom Renovation in Eaglemont
they were very professional, the standard of work was great and they got the job done on time

Bathroom design ideas

“Mary saw the transformation of her neighbours ensuite and was really impressed with how we had reconfigured the small space and so asked us to help with a similar renovation in her own house. Mary had some clear style ideas and we worked together to ensure we captured those ideas in the bathroom, working with our suppliers, such as Beaumont Tiles, to ensure that the tile selections met with Mary’s desired style,” explained Paul.
“Jennifer spurred me into action,” said Mary. I had a look at the standard of work next door and could see that it was a really good, yet simple solution.
I needed to get rid of the walk-in robe that didn’t work for me and build a new robe in the bedroom. This meant we could use the old wardrobe space to create a bigger and more practical ensuite,” she explained.
Bathroom Renovation in Australia

The bathroom renovation

At the commencement of work, Mary went overseas to visit family and placed her trust in Paul, to complete the work in her absence. Having selected the tiles and fittings before her departure, Paul and his team were able to forge ahead with stripping out the old bathroom and walk-in robe in preparation for the new ensuite.
“When I left, the old bathroom was there and when I came back the new one was in its place. I just needed to confirm where to put the towel rail,” said Mary. It was that easy. They had a fabulous customer portal and being overseas, I could see the daily schedule and the progress of the work. I was constantly aware of where they were up to and looked forward to seeing the new photos as they were uploaded,” she added.
Floor to ceiling large format tiles were installed throughout. As the room has no natural light, white tiles with a gloss finish now bring more light into the space and a dark grey feature tile on the shower wall and floor, add contrast and texture to this modern bathroom. A vessel basin sits on the bench of the wall mount vanity and a mirrored cabinet, above the sink, adds further storage to the room. A walk-in shower with a frameless glass screen and a heated towel rail complete the list of luxurious features.
Bathroom Renovation in Victoria
A new built-in wardrobe was installed in the main bedroom to replace the old walk-in robe. With four large doors, ample hanging space and adjustable shelving, the new wardrobe now provides more than enough storage.

Final thoughts

"Paul and Tas were really easy to work with; they were very professional, the standard of work was great and they got the job done on time. I’m really happy with what they did here,” said Mary.

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This project was completed in
September 2018
Project description
Create a large, modern ensuite bathroom by using the space from an adjoining walk-in robe. Install a built-in wardrobe.
Mary Lawrey
Project duration
5 weeks
Cost estimate
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Interesting aspects
Using tiles with a gloss finish to bring more light into the bathroom.
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