His and Hers' Bathrooms in Maryhill, Dunedin

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This project completely transformed two bathrooms that were stuck in the 1970s, renewing both interiors with sophisticated designs.

This project completely transformed two bathrooms that were stuck in the 1970s, renewing both interiors with sophisticated designs.

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Getting Started

Tired of their dated bathrooms and tied up with other home improvements, homeowners Leesa and Iain contacted Refresh Renovations for professional assistance in giving their bathrooms a new look — a project they say was 17 years overdue. 
Both rooms had aged poorly since the 1970s, but the layouts remained well-suited to the available floor space. Renovating would be mostly a matter of replacing fixtures with modern upgrades and updating any other essential elements such as the flooring and walls.
Though they had taken on quite a few home improvement projects themselves, the homeowners were unsure of how to manage the bathroom renovations and happy to have their local Renovation Consultant leading the way. 
Upon consulting with their local Renovation Consultant, Leesa and Iain made their goals clear: they wanted a high-quality finish completed as cost-effectively as possible. And with that ambition in mind, their Renovation Consultant moved the project ahead to the concept design phase. 

Creating the Concepts and Budget

While creating concepts for the new bathrooms, it was important to remain conscious of the cost, so the Renovation Consultant came up with clever ways to establish beautiful interiors within a lower budget. One of those innovative solutions was to use Dumawall tiling. 
Dumawall has the appearance of tiles but can be installed by a builder, eliminating the need for a speciality tiler, making it very cost-effective. Upon seeing the design mock-ups, Leesa and Iain were keen to go ahead with the Renovation Consultant's suggestion to use Dumawall in both bathrooms. 
Once the designs were finalised, the Renovation Consultant had the project priced up, which came in at $55,000. This cost would achieve both bathroom renovations along with converting both rooms to a gas water heating system. 

Dual Demolition

The construction schedule was planned to take six weeks – 3 weeks for each bathroom. This pace would ensure the homeowners had a bathroom to use at all times. However, thanks to the diligence of the Renovation Consultant and her renovation team, the project was complete in five short weeks.
Demolition began with the discovery of uneven floors in both rooms. To remedy this without going over budget, the Renovation Consultant and her team assessed the severity and found that only one of the bathrooms required new flooring; the other room’s floor could remain as it was without impacting the results of upgrading.
After successfully gutting the bathrooms and addressing the floor issues, the renovation team transformed the interiors into sleek spaces worth retreating to.

‘His’ Bathroom 

Iain’s bathroom uses a cool-toned colour scheme, featuring concrete-look Dumawall tiling and light wood-look vinyl flooring. The silver tapware blends seamlessly with these surroundings, leaving all attention to the large back-to-wall bathtub and its lavish oval shaping.
Meanwhile, the dark wood vanity and its matching cupboard unit provide the room with ample storage space, making excellent practical improvements. And to complete the transformation, new overhead lighting installed above the vanity gently illuminates the room with a relaxing glow. 

Her Bathroom

Although Leesa’s bathroom shares many similar qualities to Iains, including the silver fittings and light-toned flooring, the difference in wall tiling has entirely changed the atmosphere.
This bathroom has been beautifully renewed with white, marble-look wall tiling that completely brightens up the space. Overhead lighting above the new floating vanity further enhances this fresh look with a touch of warmth. And as for the new shower, the fixture features a corner entry design and dual showerheads for a final touch of luxury. 

Final Thoughts

Leesa and Iain are thrilled with their experience working with the Renovation Consultant, so much that they’ve recommended her to others considering renovating. 
The high-end look with the low-cost price tag is all thanks to the Renovation Consultant's expertise and supplier connections. Using materials sourced from trusted suppliers, including Gib, Placemakers, and Plumbing World, the Renovation Consultant created the sophisticated bathroom designs that the homeowners envisioned. In all, the project was a huge success that kept to budget and was completed sooner than anticipated – two major benefits of partnering with professionals.

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This project was completed in
October 2021
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Project description
Two bathroom renovations
New Zealand
Project duration
5 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Discovery of uneven flooring.
Interesting aspects
Steel beam installation to allow for an open-plan layout.
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