Maximising the Potential of a Small Bathroom in Hairini, Tauranga

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A Completed Small Bathroom renovation in Tauranga with a new Shower and hand basin

The layout of this tired-looking small bathroom in Hairini, Tauranga made the space feel cramped. Modernising the design and facilities has resulted in a stylish bathroom transformation.

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Initial Consultation for a Bathroom Renovation

Sanjay’s bathroom was over 25 years old and in desperate need of a refresh. Its outdated fittings made the small space feel crowded and he wanted to create a modern look that would not only feel more spacious, but increase storage. 

Although he knew the look that he wanted, he had no idea where to start. His busy job also meant that he needed someone who could take care of his renovation from start to finish. He decided to book a consultation with Refresh Renovation Consultant, Sharon Giblett to discuss his options.

Making The Right Decision

Sharon helped Sanjay develop a better understanding of what he wanted. He knew he wanted a stylish design with a high-quality finish but choosing colours, fixtures, and fittings was a minefield. 

Using her years of experience Sharon asked a number of preliminary questions about the colours Sanjay preferred, whether he preferred curved or square shapes, and what he liked about the other rooms in his home. Building creatively on this information Sharon was able to suggest a range of interior elements that would suit his space and create the desired effect. 

Sanjay was happy for Sharon to take control of the design and select the fittings that she thought would work best. He’d originally considered installing a spa bath but, in light of the costs involved, decided that wasn’t necessary. 

The Bathroom Renovations Begin

Taking the time to understand her client’s preferences enabled Sharon to put together several creative ideas to maximise the potential of the bathroom. Inspired by her client's love of golf she even managed to source some tiles that had a similar pattern to the one found on a golf ball!

The 12m2 size of the room was a challenge when re-designing the layout, but Sharon’s design team came up with ways to make it feel more spacious. This included replacing the existing shower with one that had a curved screen and sliding doors to enable easier access. 

Refresh provides clients with a fixed quote before any construction work begins. This process eliminates any concern about unforeseen expenses and meant that Sanjay didn’t have to worry about the planned renovation exceeding his budget. 

The property had only one bathroom and so, in planning the work, the team ensured the amount of time it was out of use was kept to an absolute minimum.

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Bringing It to Life

Determined to make sure that everything ran smoothly and on schedule, Sharon coordinated the team of contractors involved: builder, electrician, tiler, and plumber, shower and floor installers. Using Refresh meant that Sanjay experienced minimal disruption and could remain focused on his job. Sharon kept Sanjay up-to-date on the progress of his transformation and he could also track it using the Refresh online portal.

Despite the amount of work that needed to be carried out, the entire project was completed in just four weeks. 

A Fresh New Look

The result is a modern and stylish bathroom that makes full use of all available space. Clean lines and light-coloured Dulux paint create a fresh and exciting look, while the black vanity unit looks stunning against the white Plumbing World fixtures and Tile Depot Velvet White Fusion tiling. 

A large cabinet above the sink provides valuable storage space, and its large mirrored doors make the room feel more spacious. The easily-accessed curved shower, deep bath, and heated towel rail give the bathroom a luxurious feel. 

Natural toned vinyl flooring from Flooring Design adds to the overall effect to create a beautiful bathroom that will be enjoyed by this keen golfer for many rounds to come.

A Happy Customer

Sanjay is more than happy with the transformation Sharon accomplished:

"I highly recommend Sharon Giblett from Tauranga for bathroom renovations. Throughout the design and build process she listened to my requirements, gave her professional advice and we came up with solutions which created the perfect bathroom. The finished bathroom was better than expected" - Sanjay Patel

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This project was completed in
June 2022
Project description
Bathroom renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
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Actual cost
Fitting everything into the space without it feeling cramped
Interesting aspects
The pattern on the tiles looks like a golf ball which reflects the client's love of the green
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