Polished finishings and a fantastic kitchen revival in Riccarton, Christchurch

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From functional upgrades to cosmetic updates, this homeowner decided it was time to give her Riccarton home a new look.

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Time for a change

Having owned her Riccarton property for a few years, homeowner Karen was ready to make some changes. The three-bedroom home was built in the early 2000s and, while it was in good condition, it lacked character. Dark carpet ran throughout the majority of the home, while in the kitchen and bathroom, dull flooring in the form of tile and wood-look vinyl created a gloomy ambience to the property. The kitchen was also cramped, the lighting was outdated, and the interiors were overall tired. 

Karen wanted to bring some personality to her home but needed professional assistance to manage the renovation, so she reached out to Refresh Renovations and got in touch with her local Christchurch Renovation Consultant.

Making key decisions

The Renovation Consultant visited Karen’s Riccarton home to conduct a thorough consultation so she could fully understand her client’s vision for the renovation. Karen’s main goal was to modernise the property with new flooring, retrofitted soundproofing (Karen’s home shares walls with the neighbours), fresh paint, and cosmetic updates to the kitchen and study. 

Her original budget was $120,000 so the renovation consultant presented a few different options within that price range. Karen wanted to strike the right balance between making the correct investment and getting the most bang for her buck. After some refinement, they finalised the scope. 

To stay within budget, Karen opted against installing a skylight and new joinery in the laundry but added new double glazed windows to the entire house along with changes to the kitchen and master bedroom, bringing the final budget to $128,713.

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Staying on track

To get the renovation underway, the renovation consultant coordinated a team of contractors from her network of industry professionals to execute each component of the project. While sourcing materials from GIB, Mitre10, and Placemakers, the renovation consultant ran into supply chain issues. At the time, these delays plagued much of the country. But the renovation consultant worked closely with her suppliers and builders to procure the materials without delaying the project.

The renovation progressed steadily with soundproofing, electrical work, and joinery updates but hit a snag when it came to the kitchen installation. The renovation consultant addressed the problem and communicated the delay to Karen; the heads up allowed her to make appropriate changes to her schedule ahead of time. 

Despite these few setbacks, the renovation was wrapped up successfully in a short seven weeks, just one week longer than anticipated.

An impressive transformation

Karen’s renovation is a great example of how effective planning can yield the most out of your budget. In the early stages, Karen had an idea of what she wanted, but by working closely with the renovation consultant she was able to prioritise certain components and forego others, leaving her with fantastic new interiors, increased functionality, and an investment she was comfortable with. 

The most notable changes are the kitchen’s revival and the extensive flooring update. By mixing materials within the same monochromatic colour palette — carpet in the living areas and tile in the kitchen and entranceway — the flooring creates cohesive interest throughout the house without being overwhelming. White cabinetry in the kitchen is complemented by a subtle pop of colour from the blue subway tiles. The new connection between the entry hallway and the kitchen allows natural light to flood the space, creating effortless flow throughout the entire living level. 

New lighting around the house may seem like a small detail but has ended up being an impactful feature. LED strips under the floating shelves in the kitchen are perfect to create ambience or provide soft lighting at night, while the new light-ceiling fan combo transforms the master bedroom. 

Final Thoughts

While the kitchen is the star of this renovation, the renovation consultant and her talented team have transformed Karen’s entire home into a bright and inviting space for the family to enjoy. Soundproofing, although unseen, will enhance the peaceful environment and surely be one of the most noticeable aspects.

The new kitchen has become a lovely light and open space. Being involved in the design process allowed Karen to make key decisions such as the flooring and paint selection to ensure the end results were something she would love for years to come. And, working closely with Karen from the beginning enabled the renovation consultant to be the key facilitator in bringing Karen’s vision to life while keeping the project on time and within budget.

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February 2023
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7 weeks
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Patterned tile flooring & double glazing
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