A laundry and bathroom renovation for a family home in Karori, Wellington

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Several past projects in this Karori home were incomplete because of unfavourable experiences with contractors. So, on the recommendation of a friend, this homeowner entrusted Refresh to finally get the jobs done.

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A trusted introduction

Acting on a friend’s referral, homeowner Helen contacted Refresh for guidance about updating a few elements of her weatherboard home near Karori’s skyline walkway. Working with other contractors in the past had left her with unfinished projects and quite a headache.

Local Renovation Consultant Jenelle Winstanley visited her property to conduct a thorough initial consultation and set her mind at ease. They discussed the scope of her intended renovation which included updates to the main family bathroom, converting an existing bedroom into a master bedroom with ensuite, installing new windows, and finally finishing the half-done patio. Jenelle also explained the 5-step Refresh process in detail. With confidence buoyed by the consultation and her friend’s endorsement, Helen was ready to have her project professionally managed and executed.

Meticulous planning

As they moved through the concept and costing phases, Jenelle worked closely with Helen to iron out the timeline and budget. Since her plan was to arrange alternative accommodation during the demolition and active construction phases, strict deadlines were imperative. The family would vacate during the interior renovations and return while the team worked on the exterior. Jenelle planned the schedule accordingly. In terms of budget, Helen opted to take on all of the painting and Jenelle used her professional connections to find the best deals on materials without sacrificing quality.

After Helen had signed off on the plans, Jenelle arranged for the appropriate council permits to be obtained for the window changes and bathroom updates. From there, Helen and her family moved into their temporary accommodation and the team got to work.

Moving forward

The crew started with demolition and as they started to frame and rebuild, Helen’s new interior started to take shape. The old bathroom had suffered water damage so Jenelle brought in expert waterproofers to ensure that didn’t happen again; and user-friendly storage solutions were installed in the new master wardrobe, wrapping up the interior.

Moving outside, the team excavated and laid the framing in preparation for pouring the new concrete patio. Jenelle worked diligently throughout to avoid scope and budget creep. Only a few variations were required which he discussed with Helen: locks that were to be reused were in a worse condition than anticipated, a few rotten weatherboards also needed to be replaced, and Helen opted to upgrade the home’s electrical switches to make them uniform.

Staff shortages delayed the council inspection necessary before lining could be completed, and despite ordering materials well in advance, there was a delay there as well. But Jenelle gave Helen ample notice of these setbacks and she was able to extend her accommodation accordingly. Even with these hiccups though, Helen and her family were able to move back into their home just a week later than anticipated. The budget remained unaltered and Jenelle delivered the renovation for the agreed $165,000.

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A cohesive design

The new design has transformed Helen’s home. Clean lines and understated finishings in both the family bathroom and new ensuite were ideal selections to optimise the spaces. The previous laundry area was chaotic and cluttered by the lack of storage but now, with new appliances and concealed storage solutions, the space is streamlined and practical. Helen’s sleek new patio is easy to maintain as the design includes minimal seams and a proper drainage system.

Favourable outcome

Connecting with Jenelle at Refresh Wellington proved to be a great decision for Helen. No more half-finished home improvements or unreliable contractors. Jenelle and her team exhibited the utmost professionalism and respect throughout, and Helen is thrilled with the outcome.

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This project was completed in
April 2023
Project description
A bedroom to master suite conversion, laundry, bathroom, and exterior renovation.
New Zealand
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A cohesive design
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Mark Morrison is Renovation Consultant of Morrison Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington

Jenelle Winstanley is Renovation Consultant of Morrison Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington.

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