Remarkable Recladding and Entrance Redesign in Swanson, Auckland

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Rejuvenating a home's entrance with warm timber Recladding, soft landscaping, and a pop of colour.

Rejuvenating a home's entrance with warm timber recladding, soft landscaping, and a pop of colour.

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The Initial Consultation

Surrounded by the luscious greens of New Zealand's beautiful forestry, it’s easy to forget that Swanson is a suburb in Auckland. Having added an extension to his home over 20 years ago, Wayne, the homeowner, decided it was finally time to revamp the extension’s exterior.
To get started, Wayne reached out to local Renovation Specialist Dominic Hollands, who brought in Project Manager Faanga Manukia to coordinate the renovation. Working together, they explored opportunities for transforming the extension’s exterior that would compliment the home’s tranquil surroundings. 

The Design Process 

Wonderful customer experience is at the heart of the Refresh process. After taking the time to understand Wayne’s specific goals, Dominic and Faanga thoughtfully established a concept that would provide the best outcome for the renovation. 
The extension’s exterior was dated and tired, having been constructed over two decades ago. So it was important for the new design to bring back life. Final plans featured recladding the full extension, adding new front-facing windows, and a pop of colour on the front door.

Project Timeline and Costing

Before Dominic and his team could undertake construction, they needed to secure Code Compliance Certificates (CCCs). This proved challenging as several certificates required obtaining. But Dominic was swift to handle all the paperwork and commence the renovation in the middle of 2020. And while a few Covid-19 lockdowns interrupted the building process, the project's timeline ran as tightly to schedule as possible.
Utilising Refresh’s leading renovation model, Dominic and Faanga worked diligently to establish cost-effective solutions to meet the homeowner’s budget. The pre-build estimate was set at $130,000. But after handling changes required to certify the outstanding CCCs, the project’s final cost was pushed out to just over $151,000. 

Remarkable Recladding

The original off-white exterior seemed out of place amid its lush surroundings. As the first thing visitors see when they come to the property, the extension deserved a charming revamp to make it more welcoming. 
To achieve the desired entrance, the exterior was recladded with smooth timber panels. Chestnut in colour, they warmly enriched the property with a vibrant beauty reflective of the surrounding environment. Creating an ambience of luxury and comfort, the new recladding is truly a show-stopper.
The long timber panelling, running from floor to roof, is complemented by new windows and soft landscaping. While the large, front-facing windows stream natural light into the interior, making the entrance more inviting, the soft landscaping breathes a freshness over the property. Adding a finishing touch to the transformation, the front door was brightened up with a lick of orange paint. 
Altogether, these features have completely renewed the extended front of the home into a sleek and vibrant entrance.

A Beautiful Revamp

Rejuvenated by the warmth of timber, an enhanced window layout, and a pop of colour, the extension now sits proudly amid its surroundings, welcoming all visitors. 
With the guidance of Refresh Renovations' world-renowned process, Dominic and Faanga carried the renovation to success. Striving to complete the project on time and budget, they did not compromise quality - a dedication seen in all corners of the transformation. 

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This project was completed in
May 2021
Project description
Recladding the entire exterior of a home extension.
West Auckland
New Zealand
Project duration
225 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Gaining several Auckland Council CCCs and Covid-19 interrupting the building process.
Interesting aspects
Wooden flooring imported from Switzerland
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Dominic Hollands is a Franchise Owner of DJH Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in West Auckland.

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