Sprucing up an Outdoor Entertaining space in Puketapu, Hawke’s Bay

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After working with Refresh on a previous home improvement, this Puketapu homeowner was ready to take on her next project. This time, she wanted to enclose her alfresco lounge.

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Revisiting a homestead 

Outdoor living spaces are supposed to evoke feelings of relaxation and retreat. Unfortunately for homeowner Linda, hers was doing quite the opposite. A leaking louvre roof over the specially fitted matai flooring meant she was on high alert any time rain was forecast. Tired of mopping up and manoeuvring buckets to catch drips, Linda was ready to reclaim the space. 
As a result of a beautifully executed bathroom renovation the previous year, she had no second thoughts about re-engaging Renovation Consultants Mike Ross and Sophia Roydhouse-Ross. Their professionalism and reliable network of contractors and tradespeople made the decision easy. Being familiar with the Refresh process was also a bonus for Linda as she knew exactly what to expect. 

Planning makes perfect

Linda’s property dates from 1890 and has been tastefully renovated so it was imperative that Sophia and Mike fully understood her vision for the outdoor renovation. During the initial consultation, Linda indicated that, in addition to installing a new roof for the alfresco entertaining area, she’d like to get rid of the eyesore in her kitchen - a bulky and visually intrusive stainless steel extractor fan.
Replacing the deficient louvre with a weathertight enclosure required an architect, engineer, and approval from the council. As it often does, waiting on the council caused considerable delays but Sophia and Mike were diligent in supporting Linda throughout the process. Once the plans were approved, they hit the ground running.

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A well-managed construction, inside and out 

Sophia and Mike helped Linda decide on the perfect design for the outdoor lounge’s ceiling; an understated tongue and groove timber that would complement the homestead’s existing motif. With the team working on-site, the pair ensured that Linda’s project stayed on track and did their best to make up for the consenting delays. 
Inside, the cumbersome air duct was removed while Sophia and Mike enlisted the help of a specialist to install a new extractor fan. This clever, space-saving model by Falmec required a precision housing to be cut within the existing stainless steel bench: the new extractor fan emerges during use and can then be concealed when no longer required, enabling Linda to enjoy unobstructed views of her surroundings. 

Final Thoughts

The weathertight roof on her outdoor entertaining area has completely transformed the space. It can be used rain or shine, day or night, open or fully enclosed. Aside from the frustrations around the leaks, one of Linda’s main concerns was how dark the space became when the old louvre was closed. Now, even if it’s raining, the four substantial skylights deliver an open feeling that the previous space lacked. 
Removing the overhead extractor fan was equally transformative for the kitchen. Linda no longer has to worry about constantly cleaning large surfaces that were magnets for dust and debris. And visually, the kitchen is unrecognisable. Without the obstruction, Linda can enjoy the garden views.
Working with Sophia and Mike a second time around proved to be a smart decision for Linda. And while her property is already beautiful, they say the third time is the charm!

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This project was completed in
December 2022
Project description
Outdoor roof renovation
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
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Council delays
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Tongue and groove timber ceiling
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Sophia Roydhouse-Ross is Renovation Consultant of RNR Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Hawkes Bay.

Mike Ross is Renovation Consultant of RNR Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Hawkes Bay.

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