Stunning Garage and Outdoor Living Renovation in Auckland Central

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Outdoor house exterior with stained decking

This Auckland Central bungalow’s curb appeal went from waning to wow with a new roof, outdoor living area, and garage. With creative and considered design, the result gives a secure street presence and a simply stunning, private outdoor oasis.

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Seeing the potential

Located on a busy street in Auckland Central, this bungalow’s humble exterior was in definite need of an upgrade, but owner John could see the potential his home and property had. With a bit of considered design and a lot of creativity, he knew he could create a secure and private outdoor oasis. He just needed to place his project in the right hands.

First on John’s list was replacing the carport with a garage that also housed a laundry – this would give him secure car parking, as well as space to store tools. John also wanted to upgrade the driveway and in the yard of his home, he envisioned bifold doors from the house leading to a good-sized entertainer’s deck, perfect for outdoor living. 

The garage and house needed a fresh coat of paint, and there were a few windows that required replacing as well. All in all, it would be a much-welcomed home exterior makeover. 

Reaching out to Renovation Consultant Dominic Hollands, John relayed his wishlist. During the consultation stage, Dominic gathered a thorough brief and John trusted his home was in good hands.

Design and budget refined

Returning with the architectural concept, Dominic presented John with his dream home exterior. The two worked together to ensure designs aligned with John’s vision, and that these were feasible. Council consent would be required for the project, but as a one-stop project shop, Dominic would take care of all details, leaving John to get on with his busy life. Once the working drawings were complete and the $250,000 budget was approved, Dominic’s team of tradies moved in for the construction phase.

Building begins

Dominic’s expert project management meant smooth scheduling of tradespeople, allowing the project to progress nicely. They used a kitset garage to keep costs down, but timber weatherboards rather than standard metal cladding cleverly masked this fact.

Because John remained living onsite while work took place, Dominic was able to communicate quickly and easily when issues arose. While removing a window, the builders discovered a structural problem with the wall surrounding it, requiring a rebuild. Being pleased with the project so far, John decided to add a new roof while they were at it. This increased project scope, timeline, and budget, but was a great opportunity to increase the value of the home further.

The renovation also allowed Dominic and his team to solve a water issue John had been having. He knew there was something wrong with the water pressure, but didn’t know why. Digging up the carport’s concrete pad revealed a great big hole in the mains water line. As a result of fixing this, John now has perfect water flow to his home.

Keeping the project on track by communicating clearly with clients and having regular check-ins with tradespeople meant a total build duration of only five months, and a final budget of $300,000. Having obtained the council’s code of compliance, Dominic was able to hand over the finished project to a very happy client.

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A lasting impression

The result is an exterior that creates a stunning and lasting first impression, followed by a secure and private outdoor oasis. The timber weatherboard cladding on the garage and seamless paint job between garage and house creates a striking street presence with strong curb appeal. The new laundry located in the garage has freed up space in the house, adding an extra level of functionality to the home and garage.

The entranceway between garage and house incorporates the new decking, organically moving residents and visitors alike away from the street and into a gorgeous and sizable-but-protected outdoor living area tucked neatly behind the garage. New bifold doors in the front and back of the house provide a light and airy indoor/outdoor flow, balanced nicely with the large fireplace at the opposite end of the deck.

This is an entertainer’s dream – private and secure but open and spacious all at once. The use of timber materials and slate grey furnishings are in perfect harmony with the natural surrounds. Such is the feeling of calm that one would be forgiven for thinking they’re in a rural retreat instead of the middle of a busy city suburb.

Final thoughts

Working closely with John throughout the renovation process allowed Dominic to provide the very best service to get the project done. Challenges were dealt with quickly, opportunities for further enhancement were taken advantage of, and John couldn’t be happier with the result. What was once a tired home exterior and shabby backyard has been transformed into a functional and secure outdoor oasis, with strong curb appeal that creates a lasting impression.

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This project was completed in
February 2024
Project description
Garage and Outdoor Living Renovation
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
Five months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Exterior wall needed rebuilding to be structurally sound. Mains water line needed replacing.
Interesting aspects
Timber weatherboard on Versatile garage
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