Transforming an Old-Fashioned Kitchen and Bathroom into Bright, Modern Spaces in Hamilton

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Both the bathroom and kitchen in this 1940s Huntly brick property were desperately in need of an update. Cabinetry, colour, and clever design have created an exciting new look.

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Making Trust a Priority

Nearing retirement age, Jane wanted to freshen up the design of her kitchen and bathroom while she was still working, but was looking for a company she could trust. She had heard some renovation horror stories and was concerned about having strangers in her property. Because of her busy job as a school principal, she needed someone who could take care of her project from start to finish.
Jane reached out to Renovation Consultants Lawrie and Mandy Foster at Refresh Renovations. The husband-and-wife team have a proven track record of delivering beautiful yet functional spaces that exceed their clients’ expectations, and they immediately made Jane feel at ease.
Developing a great rapport with Lawrie and Mandy gave Jane the confidence she needed to go ahead with renovating her bathroom and kitchen, knowing the Refresh duo would deliver high-quality work and take great care of her beloved 1940s home.

Finding The Right Balance

Jane’s original budget of $50,000 proved unrealistic considering the amount of work her project required. Lawrie and Mandy worked carefully through the pricing and discussed the different options available. Jane appreciated their honesty and agreed to increase her budget to $80,000 so she could achieve the transformation she wanted in both rooms of the house.
Mandy used her interior design experience to create solutions that would deliver what Jane wanted to achieve. Working drawings were then created, incorporating the structural, design, and decorative decisions that had been discussed. 
Once Jane confirmed she was happy with the design, a fixed quote was provided and a timeframe was agreed upon. Work then began. Having a fixed quote was important to Jane, as the project was already costing more than she originally expected and the last thing she wanted was a budget blowout!

Getting To Work

The condition of the old kitchen and bathroom units meant both rooms had to be completely gutted and rebuilt from scratch. The designs that Jane had approved were closely followed at all times, and she was able to go to work as normal while construction was taking place.
While there were some of the usual challenges that could be expected when renovating an 80-year-old home,  Lawrie used his extensive project management experience to ensure that everything ran smoothly and was delivered on time and within budget. Jane was also kept updated on how everything was progressing.
Several contractors were required to complete Jane’s renovation, including a builder, plumber, electrician, painter, and tiler. Knowing that they were all part of Refresh Renovation's trusted network of providers reassured Jane that the work would be completed to an excellent standard, and no damage would be caused to her home.

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A Stunning Transformation

Both the bathroom and kitchen have been transformed into beautiful, modern spaces. The white Mitre10 kitchen and bathroom drawers have brightened up both rooms, and the red tiling features provide a vibrant splash of colour.
Functional stainless steel features in the kitchen, including a new dishwasher and tapware from Robertsons and Placemakers, combine with elegant marble effect benchtops to create a space that is a pleasure to come home to.
The bathroom now has a spacious walk-in shower with sliding doors, a heated towel rail, and a vanity unit that provides plenty of storage. Water-resistant GIB Aqualine® has been used for all wet area linings. 
The walls and ceilings have received a fresh coat of paint and the old vinyl flooring in both rooms has been replaced with hard-wearing materials that lighten the spaces and contribute to the modern design.
Jane is absolutely delighted with both rooms and the Refresh Renovations process throughout: 
“You promised a great design and experience and that is exactly what I got. I was kept informed and most importantly the process was hassle-free. Every day when I walk into my bathroom and kitchen I’m filled with delight and satisfaction.”

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This project was completed in
June 2022
Project description
Kitchen and bathroom renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
71 days
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Interesting aspects
The red tiling in both rooms adds a vibrant splash of colour
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Mandy Foster is Renovation Consultant of Progressive Design Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Waikato.

Lawrie Foster is Renovation Consultant of Progressive Design Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Waikato.

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