After experiencing the highs and lows of home renovations first hand, renovation specialists Peter and Danielle are excited to offer Tauranga homeowners an improved service and renovation experience. 

Peter grew up in the Bay of Plenty region and has had a passion for construction since his first childhood treehouse.

He worked as a builder’s labourer while completing a first-class honours degree in mechanical engineering, and then worked as an engineer and project manager in the petrochemical, dairy, and food-and-beverage industries throughout New Zealand. His practical background has always complemented a strong technical knowledge, but Peter believes it takes more than that to achieve the best outcomes for clients: 

“I’ve always found that the ability to engage people, to get them motivated and passionate about the project, and all working together toward the same goal is the most important part of project management”.

Previously a midwife, Danielle’s passion for interior design paired with her own experience with home renovations (“once a builder promised the toilet in my home would be out of action for three days, but that turned into a month!”) led her to want to simplify the renovation experience for homeowners.

Peter and Danielle have put down roots in the Tauranga region. They love the beach and family lifestyle the region allows. Having worked on their own new builds and renovation projects, they were excited to share their experience, and joined Refresh in 2019. 

“The Refresh model was attractive, as multiple business owners can combine experience, buying power, and the best systems and processes to renovations, which results in a high-quality and cost-effective solution for clients”, says Peter.

Peter has seen the changes in the Tauranga region since his childhood days. The population has grown rapidly as more people learn about the lifestyle offered there, which has put pressure on the housing quantity. In addition, the complexity of modern construction solutions and materials, and the increased compliance requirements for consents and insurance have reduced the amount of renovation work which homeowners are willing to manage on their own.

In Peter’s experience, homeowners may want to ensure their time is spent doing what they do best while their renovation is carried out, and the Refresh process caters to this requirement: 

“Homeowners often underestimate the time required to manage a renovation, and resort to reducing hours with family or their day-to-day job to compensate. But, with good systems, industry connections and a high-quality team in place, the whole process can be very efficient and stress-free”.

If you would like to discuss your renovation project with Peter or Danielle, please get in touch today. 

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