Refresh has a number of strong supplier relationships in place, however, from time to time we are also disrupted by the supply shortages and changes impacting the industry. 

As we are a design and build company we are able to forecast our product requirements well in advance so we can work with our suppliers to minimise disruption. 

With COVID we do need to be a bit more flexible as certain categories get strained at different times. 

Top Tips

  • Plan ahead. Shortages can result in schedules being delayed so if we can plan ahead with you we can forecast the requirements and order ahead which will reduce the impact of the shortages
  • Look at a large reputable building company that has strong industry relationships that will support them during this time
  • Be prepared to be flexible - if the exact model is not available, discuss second or third options.

Your Renovation Consultant will communicate with you through these steps, what to expect and offer alternative options and solutions so you feel confident that these things are being taken care of.

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Planning Around Supply Shortages
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