The Refresh team understands how difficult it can be for our community to keep moving forward during these challenging times. To ensure both our current and prospective customers’ renovation projects can progress safely, we have started offering video calls for our design and planning services! This way, when we do get through this, you will have a head start on your renovation project.


During the lockdown, Refresh Renovations is offering:

  • Video call consultations
  • Design services
  • Planning services
  • Access to our Online Portal should you progress into Concept and Feasibility stage
  • Emergency Services

What you can expect from us

While in lockdown, our renovation specialists are still operating, but all consultations will take place through video calls. This means you don’t need to be embarrassed about what the kids and pets are up to or if your cleaning is up to date!

During the completely free initial consultation, you can show us your space via video call and tell us what you are hoping to achieve. We will then explain to you the process of planning your Design Phase during the lockdown period.

We can then move on to the Concept and Feasibility Stage where we get our design team involved. Your renovations specialist will teach you how to measure up and provide us with additional information so that we can translate your project into an architectural concept and investigate the feasibility of your project. We’ll help you identify risks, constraints, and explore all ideas to ensure you get the result you desire. At this stage, we will also provide you with a cost estimate based on averages so you can start planning for what your budget can include.

Refresh will then develop detailed working drawings based on your concept plans and use these to create a detailed project cost. Your contract will include the specifics of your project, taking into account engineering, structural, design, and aesthetic decisions made by you during the planning phase. If there is anything you don’t like, this cost can still be refined by making further modifications to the design!

Since we have completed thousands of projects globally, we know it can take 4-12 weeks to get to the build stage. This means you may or may not be ready to go once the lockdown period is over, but you’ll certainly be much closer to building than you would be if you started after the lockdown is lifted.

Emergency work

Based on what your local authorities class as an “essential service”, Refresh will be ready to provide support and complete projects that are a danger to you and those around you. This can include your roof flying off and needing to be replaced, among others.

New Zealand: According to the New Zealand Herald, “Building and construction related to maintaining human health and safety at home or work” is considered an essential service.

Australia: For more information on the current measures in Australia, please refer to Prime Minister of Australia.

UK: According to The Sun, “The government has said that builders on sites should continue work but that they must practice social distancing.”

US: As each state has its own lockdown guidelines, please check with your local renovation specialist for expert advice.

Your Health, Our Health



By doing everything through video calls, we are taking care of both your safety and ours! It also enables us to keep moving forward and progress things stage by stage—right up until build.

What if I have a project underway already?

When the lockdown is over and local authorities have advised that it is safe to return to work, we will promptly complete your project. Your renovation specialist would have ensured the site was up to safety standards and communicated this to you. If you do have any concerns, please reach out to us.

After this is over:

The build can progress and we will organise and project manage your renovation project to the end. You’ll get to see the timelines starting to fall in place through our online portal, along with what contractors will be at your home and when.

What precautions will we be taking still health and safety-wise when the lockdown is over?

When working on your project, we will be following the recommendations from local authorities as to the extra health and safety precautions we should take. Our teams will follow stringent processes to ensure your health and safety and theirs is not compromised. We will update this further based on any new information we are provided with.


We have strong relationships with many suppliers and are working closely with them to ensure there are no delays with receiving products and installing them once the lockdown period is over. They have reassured us that they are still receiving new shipments.

Stay safe, healthy and positive!

The team at Refresh Renovations


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