Architectural Renovation Services in Oxfordshire

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There’s no doubt about it: Oxfordshire is a fantastic place to live. Those lucky enough to own property in the area tend to stay for a long time and so it’s one county where we see demand for Architectural Renovation – that is, the refurbishment, remodelling or extension of a home that requires architectural involvement to amend the building in structure.
Despite its name, Architectural Renovations can be big or small, minor or major, and needn’t involve an entire property transformation. Unlike many mainstream renovation companies, Refresh has specialist architects on their staff, so can offer project management right through on such remodels including design and drawings to full construction. 

What types of Architectural Renovation do Refresh offer?

The nature of Architectural Renovations means that they vary hugely in size and scope, but Refresh Oxfordshire have experience in many of them! So far in the county, our work includes:
- Loft conversions
- Outbuilding conversions
- Full home renovations
- Property extensions
- Room remodelling
- Listed building renovations
- Conservation area renovations
- Interior design
- Floor plans
- Redevelopment architecture

What are the current Architectural Renovation trends in Oxfordshire?

Since the boom in starting a small business from home and moving your existing work to your residence, we’ve seen a rapid increase in the amount of homeowners looking to extend and develop their homes to create offices, studios and business premises. The advent of TV property shows and social media has also seen demand for ultra-modern extensions and sustainable finishes. With so many listed, period and historical properties in Oxfordshire, many of these renovations require architectural involvement – and that’s where Refresh can help.

How much does an Architectural Renovation cost?

It’s impossible to give a quote anywhere near accurately for an Architectural Renovation without seeing the property and understanding the scope of the work to be achieved, but this can be given when a Refresh Project Consultant and Architectural Expert visit your home. 

Why choose Refresh for an Architectural Renovation?

Refresh manages renovations unlike any other firm – by offering a project management service entirely end-to-end. Every aspect of the project from conception to completion is handled by a designated Project Consultant, so the homeowner just needs to make the decisions and the team can run with them!

Will I need planning permission for my Architectural Renovation?

Many Architectural Renovations require external administrative permissions, and Refresh’s Project Consultant will manage this process wholly; filing applications and appeals and working with the local authority to deliver a successful project.

What areas do Refresh Oxfordshire offer Architectural Renovation in?

Homeowners throughout Henley-on-Thames, Wallingford and Abingdon and surrounding areas all across the county can benefit from Refresh Oxfordshire’s services. If you’re not local, don’t worry – we’ll put you in touch with your nearest Refresh office. 

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