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Renovated listed building in brighton

Renovating a listed building comes with its own unique challenges but can be a very rewarding process. Refresh Brighton has a team of listed building Renovation Consultants that take the stress out of your home renovations! We have processes and systems in place to manage your project from start to finish, allowing you to enjoy the experience of evolving your historical listed building. 

What kind of renovations can be done on a listed building?

The type of work allowed on your listed building may depend on the type of property you have, but a good rule of thumb for listed buildings is “repair rather than replace.” Most renovation work should keep with the style and character of the building and utilize traditional materials. Here are a few of the services we offer for listed buildings: 
- Listed building renovation
- Grade I listed building renovation
- Grade II listed building renovation
- Grade II* listed building renovation
- Listed building restoration
- Timber Windows Installation
- Energy Efficiency Home Improvements
- Venetian Plaster Installation
- Listed buildings Additions and Extensions
- Damp Proofing Improvements
- Listed building planning and design

What are the trends for listed building renovations in Brighton and Worthing? 
It is important when renovating a listed building that all work is complementary to the retained features and consistent with the overall character, so most homeowners opt for traditional materials and neutral colour palettes. It’s worth choosing great quality base materials, such as stone tiling or solid oak or walnut flooring as these types of materials are hardwearing and classically stylish, allowing for more transient trends to be captured by the interior design’s soft furnishings. Popular trends include natural materials, neutral colours and lots of botanicals.

How much does it cost to renovate a listed building in Brighton and Worthing?

The cost of your project will depend heavily on what your project requirements are. The scope of the works can dictate the budget, or sometimes the budget can dictate the scope of works. Fret not, your Refresh Renovation Consultant will work with you to identify areas for home improvement by utilising our planning processes to fully budget the project accurately. It is worth considering that on average Grade II listed building renovations can require up to 30% more budget than a standard property due to specialist materials, uniquely skilled labour, and additional permissions. According to a recent study by BRANZ, most renovations waste up to 30% of their budget! Refresh Renovations’ systems and processes ensure that your project is planned efficiently, and managed effectively, eliminating any potential wastage.

What is it like working with Refresh to renovate your listed building?

At Refresh, we use unique systems and processes and systems to design, build, and manage your project, ensuring you have the smoothest possible renovation experience. Our process ensures that the project is properly planned out before commencement, keeping everything on-budget and on-time. On listed building renovations, we work with experienced consultant contractors to maintain your property’s character and functionality.

What is listed building consent and will Refresh help me acquire it? 

When a building is listed it means that there are additional planning controls that will be required to undertake any alterations to the outside, and likely to the inside of the property. These controls are in place to protect the heritage of the property, and your Refresh Renovation Consultant will take care of all planning necessary for the project. Listed building consent can take up to 8 weeks, so it is worth bearing this in mind for your project’s timeline.


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