Brisbane luxury home builders

It is certainly not unusual to find yourself dreaming about how you might design your own luxury home. But with that said, many people tend to sidestep upgrading their home with luxury features as they expect high costs and a time-consuming renovation.
However, at Refresh Renovations, we believe there’s a solution for every budget and provide a service that reduces all complexities...
With top-tier Renovation Consultanta guiding you along the way, there is little doubt that we can provide the experience and resources you need to create your perfect luxury home at affordable pricing. Ready to talk? Get in touch today!

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Brisbane exhibits a wealth of extraordinary luxury homes, ranging from modern architectural buildings to character Californian bungalows. Renovating these properties to achieve a standard of excellence is no simple task. So we established a structured process that addresses every finer detail in delivering remarkable transformations.
When you choose Refresh Renovations, our Renovation Consultants will be with you from design to build as your single point of contact for all communications. We find this effectively reduces risks and allows for a stress-free experience.
Additionally, our process ensures expectations and budgets are merged in the early stages, removing unwanted surprises.
To put it simply, we have the resources and experience required to cater to any renovation specifications. Backed by vast networks of preferred suppliers and luxury home builders, our Renovations Consultants can guarantee a quality service. 

What are the current luxury home trends in Brisbane?

What we have found in most Australian cities is a growing number of homeowners moving towards sustainable living. Luckily with us, the options for incorporating sustainable features into home designs in Brisbane are endless.
Envision a home that has a connection with nature. Wide sliding doors opening your home up to the tranquil outdoors. Exquisite antique tapware and handles. We can even contract luxury builders to repair old wood and convert it into custom cabinetry.
Additionally, you could introduce solar panels or add a greenhouse to your property, taking you that bigger step closer toward eco-friendly living. And might you have a sustainable feature in mind, you can count on our Renovation Consultants and their network of Brisbane luxury home builders to integrate it smoothly with your home’s existing design.

What luxury home renovation services do Refresh Renovations provide?

Whether you’re contemplating upgrading to deluxe, spacious bedrooms or considering a move towards sustainable living, look no further than Refresh Renovations.
Through our professional project management, partnerships with luxury builders, and effective communication, you can be confident we’ll achieve all your luxury renovation ambitions.

Our luxury home renovation services include:

  • Luxury home renovation
  • Luxury home design
  • Luxury modern home plans
  • Luxury interior design
  • Luxury home exterior design
  • Luxury bathroom remodels
  • Luxury kitchen remodels

...and anything else you can think of!

How much will my luxury home renovation cost?

Luxury home renovations can be simple or comprehensive. Essentially, the cost will fall in line with your project’s scale and the number of different resources it requires.
But for a rough idea, high-end kitchen renovations generally cost between $50,000* to $100,000+* depending on the design and build elements.
And on the other hand, luxury bathroom renovations tend to cost between $50,000* to $75,000+* depending on specifications.
Calculating an accurate estimate is contingent on your wants and needs. Are you ready to assess your ideas? Get in touch today and arrange an initial consultation with your local Renovation Consultant.
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovations Consultant.

Will Refresh take care of any required council consent? 

You can rest assured that we take care of all council applications required for luxury home renovations.
Here at Refresh Renovations, it’s our ambition to reduce all complexities of renovating your home. Thus, we will handle every council application your project requires.

Ready to talk?

Our Renovation Consultants are experts in the industry. Capable of taking on any luxury home renovation, you can trust them to remove the stresses of renovating and deliver incredible transformations.
Get in touch with our friendly team to begin your project! Whenever you’re ready, we’ll help you arrange a free one-hour consultation with your local Renovation Consultant.