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With the average person spending around one-and-a-half years of their life in the bathroom, homeowners are waking up to the importance of designing and maintaining a healthy space in which to start and end the day. Add in the impact that a beautifully crafted bathroom can have on the harmony of the entire house – not to mention the overall value of the property – and it’s easy to see why investing in what might often be the smallest room can generate the greatest rewards.

Do I need a project manager for my bathroom renovation?

It’s not unusual to believe that, given their size, bathrooms present the easiest opportunities for a quick renovation. At Refresh Cambridge, however, we know that bathroom renovations can present a number of challenges, not least in terms of achieving a balance between practicality and design flair. In small rooms, every millimetre counts, and the effective use of space is crucial, while keeping on top of any modifications to the layout, specifications and sanitaryware is imperative to prevent any budget overspends. The Refresh Cambridge team take the time to understand your requirements, create a comprehensive design and schedule of works, and then manage the design and build with a team of experience trade professionals in order to guarantee that you receive your desired bathroom.

What bathroom renovation services does Refresh provide?

Refresh can take care of every aspect of your bathroom's design, build and installation, including:
- Bespoke bathroom designs
- Custom bathrooms
- Building Regulations Approval/Planning Permission applications
- Bathroom renovations
- Bathroom remodelling
- Improving bathroom layouts
- Bathroom installation
- Plumbing
- Electrics
- Tub-to-shower conversions
- Walk-in shower installations
- Double shower installations
- Tiling
- Bathroom fittings
- Creating spa-style bathrooms
- Vanity installations

How much does a standard bathroom renovation cost?

Bathroom renovations come in all shapes and sizes, and the required budget will depend on a number of factors, including whether you’re focusing on functionality or craving indulgence, and whether you’re simply refreshing the look or replacing the entire suite. A basic bathroom renovation is likely to require a budget of at least £3,000, which will cover new sanitaryware, tiles, flooring and lighting, along with all labour and decorating. Changing the configuration will incur additional plumbing costs, while premium fixtures and smart technology will require a more generous investment.

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovations specialist. 

What are the golden rules of bathroom design?

A key aspect of the design for any bathroom is the use of space, and it’s vital to avoid trying to squeeze too much into what can prove to be a confined area. In essence, less is more, so it’s worth thinking long and hard about what to include. Is it imperative to have a separate bath and shower, for example? Can a bidet be sacrificed to save space? And are his and her basins really essential? To allow the bathroom to breathe, plan your storage with precision, bearing in mind that some items will live in drawers, some in cabinets and some, potentially, on open shelves. Above all, bathroom storage needs to combine practicality with aesthetics. A sense of spaciousness can be created with the intelligent use of mirrors to bounce light around, and also with carefully designed lighting – married with a neutral colour scheme, this can make the whole bathroom feel larger and more relaxing. It’s important, also, to create a design theme that gives the bathroom personality, and this can be achieved with bold tiles, a striking piece of artwork or cutting-edge smart technology. Whatever your preference, the design of your bathroom needs to meet your family’s day-to-day requirements while also standing the test of time.

Can I move things around when I renovate my bathroom?

As with any home renovation project, anything is possible within a bathroom. If you feel a fresh start is required and that the sanitaryware needs to be repositioned, the Refresh Cambridge team will work with you to create a scale drawing of the design and the elements to be included. At this stage, you’ll be able to consider who will use the bathroom, for what, and where each item would best be positioned. If it’s a family bathroom, for example, would a larger bath be preferable? If your children are older, could you dispense with the bath altogether? And if you’re concerned about future usage, would a wet room be more appropriate? Renovating your bathroom is potentially the best time to change the layout, subject to sufficient budget being available.

Would you like to learn more about Refresh?

We’re delighted to offer you a complimentary no-obligation consultation in your home to discuss your bathroom renovation and explain how the Refresh Cambridge team operate. At Refresh we offer end-to-end project management for bathroom renovations of all sizes from initial design right through to full installation to keep your project on time and within budget.

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