Eco-Friendly home renovations in South East London

London Eco home renovation with solar panels

These days you have to factor in so many different elements when buying, decorating or refurbishing a house. Home renovation has increasingly attractive eco-friendly and sustainable options that bring many advantages for the owners and inhabitants. By incorporating eco-living features into their home, the residents of South-East London are being responsible for saving financially and also reducing damage to the planet.

 What options are there for eco-home renovations?

Key Elements of an Eco Home  renovation can include some or all of the following: 
- Solar Panel Installation
- Superior Glass (Double or Triple-glazed)
- High Levels Of Insulation
- Airtight Features
- Recycled Worktops/Surfaces
- Strong Levels Of Daylight

 What are the benefits of eco-home renovations?

The advantages and benefits of eco-home renovations include but are not limited to; 
- Improving indoor air quality
- Reducing low-quality toxic materials
- Decreasing the risk of skin irritations and respiratory conditions
- Incredible savings on utility bills
- Longevity and durability of household items and features 

How much will it cost to make my home eco?

If you are building a sustainable home from scratch then a starting price band would be around £80,000+ (scale-dependent) For an eco renovation project, prices will fluctuate with specific materials, size of the property and just how in-depth you go with the eco-overhaul. A mid-range eco home renovation, including some standard renovation elements and some additions of eco elements could cost around 30,000 - 60,000.
*Please note that these are rough estimates only. For a high-level indication of what your unique eco-design will cost, the Refresh Process is designed to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why use Refresh?

At Refresh South East London, you retain a single point of contact and access to online project reporting throughout the process. Our proven processes carried out by the professional Refresh team of experienced specialists ensure the job is completed to the highest of quality on time and within budget. Refresh shoulders the responsibility of project management for you, leaving you stress-free and released to focus on other tasks.
We manage the process from beginning to end with precision, keeping you informed of all key developments whilst delivering customer satisfaction tailored by Refresh’s design and build process.

Will I need planning permission?

The procedure planning permission for an eco-building project is the same as and will often be no more difficult than for a conventional building. This will depend on the size and scale of the project. In terms of decoration and arrangement procedures, it is unlikely you’ll need permissions. However, if the work is more significant then further consent may apply. We have the experience and knowledge to correctly follow mandatory procedures and will deal with all approval applications on your behalf. Refresh South East London can accommodate your eco-friendly renovation needs if it is necessary to apply for extra consent.

What areas does Refresh Cover?

Refresh South East London offers eco-friendly renovation services in Belgravia, Chelsea, Covent Garden, and other surrounding areas.

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