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Garages are all too often under- or un-utilised spaces in the home; but yet take up perfectly usable square footage of your property. At Refresh Renovations Gloucester, we work with homeowners throughout the region to transform their garages into workable, practical rooms – for everything from extra bedrooms to storage spaces, and home gyms to art studios. Looking to make your garage work better for you? Get in touch!

What aspects of Garage Conversions do Refresh undertake?

Our full conception-to-completion project management approach takes care of every detail of your garage conversion, inclusive of:
- Design and plans
- Planning permission applications and appeals (where applicable)
- Insulation
- Weatherproofing
- Ventilation
- Sound proofing
- Electricity and water supply.

What are the trends in Garage Conversions?

Garage conversions have become more popular since repeated pandemic-induced lockdowns, as undeniably, we all needed a little more space at home when spending so much time there. This has very much influenced the latest trends in garage conversions, which include conversions to home offices, workshops and studios, and in some cases, even extra bedrooms to rent out as short-stay lets such as on Airbnb to generate additional household income.

How much does a Garage Conversion cost?

Of course, exactly how much your garage conversion will set you back depends on your plans for it but generally speaking, most garage conversions require more budget  than people think they will, often coming in around the £10,000-£20,000+. Where additional plumbing is being added in to the garage this may add further fees, as this often needs to be done by a specialist and is regulated by specific plumbing permissions.

Why choose Refresh for your Garage Conversion?

Home renovations often warrant families having to move out their home temporarily yet attend back daily to monitor progress and ensure everyone’s working to the standard expected. Refresh Renovations negate this requirement by assigning a dedicated project manager to every job; managing and overseeing every aspect of the works so that you don’t need to be present at all and can rest assured everything is in hand.

Will I need planning permission for my Garage Conversion?

Most garage conversions can be completed without the need for any formal planning permission – but this is dependent on your property, its location and the scope of the conversion works. 

What areas do Refresh operate in?

Refresh Gloucester take care of Bathroom Design in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud and the surrounding areas.

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