Geelong Home Office Builders

Working from home means less time spent commuting and more free time to spend how you please. But without a dedicated space, working from home can be riddled with distractions and decreased productivity.
Create a home office that inspires your workflow. Whether that looks like a compact but well-appointed space with a standing desk near a window, or a sprawling room with built-in bookshelves and space to pace around while brainstorming, get in touch with a local Geelong Renovation Consultants to bring your ideas to life. 

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Self-managing a renovation will have you spending hours reading reviews for home office builders, scheduling tradespeople, and trying to find the best deals on suppliers, all to end up going over budget on a project that took twice as long to complete as you thought. Refresh was created to change that. 
Our mission is to deliver fantastic home renovation projects, yes, but more importantly, we want homeowners to enjoy their experiences. With clear communication and thorough planning processes at the forefront of our approach, you’re always in control without having to be in charge. 
From your initial consultation through to project completion, our Renovation Consultants act as your single point of contact while providing exceptional project management. They’ll coordinate reliable contractors, source premium materials from preferred suppliers, and arrange for any necessary consent so your project is completed to a high standard. 
With Refresh leading the way, you can rest assured your home office renovation will be delivered on time and within budget. 

What are some creative home office ideas?

If you’re tight on space, minimalist pieces or dual-purpose furniture is the way to go. Built-in shelving can be customised with a hinging desk that folds up when you’re finished working to create the ultimate space-saving study area. 
In family homes or properties in high-traffic areas, soundproofing can transform a space. You can filter out noise pollution — or keep it in if blasting music is what inspires you! Either way, soundproofing your home office allows you to regulate your space and create a perfectly curated working environment.

What home office building services does Refresh Renovations provide?

Some homeowners reallocate underutilised space for their new home office. Others need to consider building an extension to create additional space. No matter what your home office building project entails, we offer a wide range of services performed by experienced professionals to ensure that you can get everything done in one place. 

Our home office building services include:

  • Home office designs
  • Home office builds
  • Bespoke home office layouts
  • Luxury home offices
  • Modern home offices
  • Minimalistic home offices
  • Home office lighting plans
  • Smart home offices
  • Custom home office cabinetry

...and anything else you can think of!

How much does a home office renovation cost in Geelong?

Building a home office depends on a lot of factors and without knowing specifics, it’s impossible to provide an accurate estimate. However, let’s take a look at two Refresh Renovations projects to give you an idea of what can be achieved at different price points. 
This home office was a garage conversion project that was completed for $40,000* and included:
- Electrical, flooring, and insulation
- Replacing the garage door with a closed wall and window
- Installing an interior access door
- A custom-designed table and art piece
- Cabinetry and storage
This project included a garage conversion to home office and storage optimisation in the existing media room. The following was included for $130,000*:
- Demolition and reframing, lighting, and painting
- Replacing the garage door with a laser-cut steel screen
- Custom storage and office cabinetry
- New shelving in the media room
- Architraves and cornices created from salvaged timber
- New windows with timber joinery
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovation Consultant.

Do you need a building permit to build a home office in Geelong?

Building a home office in Geelong may require consent. But if it does, don’t worry. We take care of any council applications required for these projects.

Let’s get you to work!

Whether you need a peaceful or playful patch, our Renovation Consultants are here to help build you the perfect home office. Get in touch to arrange a free consultation during which you can discuss your goals, budget, and timeline for your home office renovation project in Geelong.