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Putting into action your dream home renovation can be a difficult task when you know the job will require an architect – because usually they don’t come cheap, and their intervention and expertise certainly don’t come as part of the overall renovation fee. At Refresh Renovations Gloucestershire, we simply don’t work like that. We provide a single all-encompassing cost that includes architectural fees, a dedicated project manager and every fee included; with nothing hidden.

What aspects of Architectural Renovations do Refresh undertake?

Not all property renovations require architectural intervention, but those that do include:
- Side return extensions
- Rear house extensions
- Loft conversions
- Garage conversions
- Kitchen extensions
- Basement extensions

What are the trends in Architectural Renovations right now?

Renovations are growing in popularity, but in particular we’re seeing an increase in demand in two areas: rear house extensions and side return extensions. The former are ideal for living room or kitchen-diner space extensions and the latter for increasing living space in smaller, more urban properties by affording better usability of the property space. With house prices seeming to continue to soar without abatement, it’s really no surprise that more of us than ever are looking to work better with what we have rather than up and move elsewhere… especially when you live somewhere as great as Gloucestershire!

How much does an Architectural Renovation cost?

The most expensive renovations requiring architectural intervention tend to be extensions, and for these, you’re looking at forking out an average of £1,500 - £2,500+ per square metre of new space on a ground floor, for basic dry rooms. More complex wet rooms, such as kitchens or bathrooms may require more budgetary consideration, but your Refresh Renovation Consultant will talk to you about budgets during your free, no obligation consultation.

Why choose Refresh for your Architectural Renovation?

Refresh’s unique approach manages your architect alongside all other involved parties – planning bodies, builders, contractors and the dedicated designated project manager. This means everything is taken care of in one process, without the need for constant intervention or stress on behalf of the homeowner. 

Will I need planning permission for my Architectural Renovation?

Architects have specialist expertise in planning law and will be able to advise on the requirement for planning permission as well as how to proceed in order to avoid it. If your home renovation does need external permission, this will be managed as part of the standard Refresh Renovations service. We maintain a great working relationship with the Gloucestershire Planning Authorities and so will be able to help your plans succeed and become a reality, no matter how complex the requirements.

What areas do Refresh operate in?

Refresh Gloucestershire take care of architectural renovations in Gloucester, Painswick, Nailsworth, Stroud and the surrounding areas.

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