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While the internet is fantastic for researching many things, it can be confusing when looking for tradespeople and contractors – because sometimes there’s just too much information out there, and often it’s tricky to tell what’s genuine and what isn’t. While Refresh Renovations isn’t a plumbing agency per se, we do work on various renovations that include specialist plumbing by experts. At Refresh Renovations Gloucestershire, we help homeowners throughout the county make their reno dreams a reality; no matter how complex.

What aspects of Plumbing Projects do Refresh undertake?

There’s nothing our specialist plumbers won’t take on! Recent projects include:
- Bespoke bathroom design and installation
- Bathroom extensions
- Wet room installations
- Spa-style bathrooms
- Small bathroom custom storage solutions
- Customer design and build
- Full end-to-end project management

What are the trends in Plumbing Projects right now?

We’re seeing a real influx in the use of natural materials incorporated into bathroom and wet room designs as well as more demand for grey water and sustainable plumbing options. Our recent jobs through Gloucestershire include a few installations of brand new plumbing systems to rooms where they weren’t already existing – such as loft conversions into bedrooms with en-suites.

How much do Specialist Plumbing Services cost?

There’s no one size fits all cost for any plumbing services. Generally speaking, a basic bathroom refit costs between £3,500 - £7,500 for a small and simple bathroom or WC. With more extensive projects, a high end luxury bathroom could cost around the 20k-30k marker - but you are completely in control of the budget considerations throughout our process. 

Why choose Refresh for Specialist Plumbing Services?

Refresh don’t just manage plumbing – we manage every aspect of your property project from end-to-end. This includes planning, plumbing, hardware installation and decoration all taken care of by a dedicated project manager; so you can get on with your daily life without having to intervene and check up on how everything’s going.

Will I need planning permission for my Plumbing project?

Plumbing projects don’t usually require planning permission but they may require specific plumbing permission for new installations. This local authority regulates the safety of waterways and supplies through specific administration – but the adherence to this is managed by Refresh Renovations as part of their standard service.

What areas do Refresh Gloucestershire operate in?

Refresh Renovations Gloucestershire take care of Loft Conversions in Stonehouse, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, and the surrounding areas.

Can Refresh help me with my Specialist Plumbing project?

There’s not a plumbing project our expert team haven’t been able to manage yet! Give us a call and we’ll allocate a plumbing specialist to visit your home, provide a bespoke quote and help give you an idea of what can be achieved and when – all for free and with no obligation to proceed.

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