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Our Refresh Renovations specialists in the Gold Coast, Australia provide solutions for every type of kitchen. Whether you are seeking better storage, a larger space, a new colour scheme or a complete remodel, a Refresh Renovations kitchen installer will provide you with a high quality completed project. They can design and install a kitchen that falls within your style and budget.

What kitchen installation services do Refresh Renovations Gold Coast offer?

Refresh Renovations Gold Coast provides every type of kitchen installation. Your specialist will guide you through whether or not your project will require development approval, building approval and compliance permits. If your home is heritage listed your specialist can advise you on how this may, or may not, affect your project. They will also ensure all standards and regulations are met throughout the installation. Refresh kitchen installation projects include:
- Kitchen makeovers
- Extensions
- Creating custom kitchens
- Kitchen redesign
- Kitchen cabinet designs
- Kitchen island installation

...and anything else you can think of!

What is the Refresh Renovations kitchen installation process?

Refresh kitchen installers follow a proven process, giving clients one point of contact and end-to-end project management throughout their kitchen installation. This takes the pressure away from clients, as projects are designed with your budget in mind and sub-contractors and timelines are managed for you.
Using the Refresh process, your kitchen installer will discuss your priorities with you and provide a kitchen design based on your consultation. The installation of your kitchen will be carefully managed with the help of trusted and experienced sub-contractors. The final result - a functional space designed to your ideals.

How much does a kitchen installation cost?

The cost of a kitchen installation varies from project to project. Kitchen renovations are likely to roughly be within a range of $20,000 - $100,000. Materials used, labour costs, the project timeline and the size of your renovation will all factor into your project’s final cost. Once a renovation specialist has discussed your ideas and budget with you, they will be able to offer you a project estimate and, later, a fixed-quote.

What should I consider before beginning a kitchen installation?

The first step to a satisfying renovation is thinking about what your priorities are and what design style you would like for your kitchen. Modern homes are common in the Gold Coast, so opting for a modern kitchen could fit your surroundings well. Modern kitchens tend to include practical, clean spaces, high-quality appliances and centre focused kitchen islands. While modern kitchens are designed to be great functional spaces, ensure the look you opt for is one that will meet your taste and requirements in the long term.  
If you live in an apartment and are considering a kitchen renovation, stay in contact with your neighbours. Let them know when the installation will be starting, the hours in which work will be carried out within and ensure them that you will be considerate throughout the process. Communication goes a long way in keeping your neighbours happy and your home environment an enjoyable one.

Discuss your project

If you would like to discuss your kitchen installation project, get in touch with Refresh Renovations Gold Coast for a free consultation.
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Please note: costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. All Refresh Renovations franchises are independently owned and operated.