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new roof in the Gold Coast

Whether you’re looking to change the style of your roof, need repairs carried out, or want to create an attic space, Refresh Renovations can help. A new roof will transform the exterior of your Gold Coast property and increase the value of your home.
Get in touch with your local Gold Coast Renovation Consultant to discover the possibilities and arrange a free consultation.

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Refresh Renovations have the skills and experience to carry out high-quality roof repairs and replacements and will carefully manage your project to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Your project will begin with an initial consultation with your local Gold Coast Renovation Consultant. They’ll discuss your ideas and tailor these to suit your property type and budget. Concept drawings will be created to show you how your finished roof will look, and you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to make any changes.
Once you’ve confirmed you’re happy with the plans, the work will begin. Your Renovation Consultant will negotiate the best prices with their established network of trusted contractors and suppliers, and careful scheduling will be carried out to ensure that your renovation stays on track. A detailed cost breakdown will be created so you’ll know the price of your project from start to finish.
Refresh aims to change how the world renovates, and our approach has been proven to deliver projects on time and within the agreed budget. You’ll be able to carry on with daily life as normal while your roof replacement or repair is carried out, and your Renovation Consultant will be available to welcome contractors and answer any queries. You can also track the process of your transformation using the Refresh online portal.

What roofing material is the best for Australian homes?

The Gold Coast is known for its warmth and sunshine all year round, but storms are common during the summer months.
Corrugated iron roofing and steel roofing offer several benefits on the Gold Coast. They help homes to stay cool during the summer, saving on air-conditioning, and are also able to withstand heavy winds and rain. These types of roofs require very little maintenance; however, they can be prone to rust so protective coatings will be required for homes located near the ocean or waterways.
Asphalt roofing absorbs more heat than metal roofing. However, it’s an affordable and long-lasting option and is available in a range of different colours and styles. It also provides protection against heavy winds and summer storms and won’t be damaged by extreme heat. Asphalt roofing may be a more suitable option for coastal properties and is relatively easy to install.
A flat roof can be installed over a patio or outdoor living area to provide shelter from both the sun and heavy rain. This allows you to enjoy outdoor living year round and is a great option for those who want to make the most of their outside space. 
Your local Gold Coast Renovation Consultant will be able to recommend roof materials to suit your property type and budget. 

What roof renovation services does Refresh Renovations provide in the Gold Coast?

Refresh Renovations have experience carrying out a wide variety of roof replacement, extension and repair projects across the Gold Coast. 

Our roof renovation services include:

  • Long run roofing
  • Roof flashings
  • Membrane roofing
  • Corrugated iron roofing
  • Coloursteel roofing
  • Polycarbonate roofing
  • Asphalt roofing
  • Metal roofing
  • Steel roofing
  • Roof painting
  • Flat roofing

...and anything else you can this of!

How much does re-roofing cost in the Gold Coast?

A roof replacement using metal or asphalt could cost approximately $12,000*- $45,000 depending on the condition and area of your existing roof. Projects that include creating loft space, adding skylights, or extending your roof are likely to cost significantly more.
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovation Consultant.

Do you need consent to re-roof your house?

Yes … and your Renovation Consultant will complete and submit all of the required paperwork on your behalf. They’ll also ensure that the work carried out on your Gold Coast property adheres in full to the consent that’s been granted.

Ready for a new roof?

Get in touch with your local Gold Coast Renovation Consultant to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your ideas and start bringing them to life.