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A large kitchen with wooden units and stained glass windows

There’s no need to move on out of your home if you can extend out or up; and with property prices on the rise, more homeowners are choosing extension over relocation. Building extensions can be ambitious projects and require comprehensive and thorough expert management to be completed to the highest possible standard. 
Refresh Renovations Oxfordshire have worked on a multitude of extensions on homes of all shapes and sizes. Our expert team can make your extension dreams a reality.

What types of home extensions do Refresh offer?

Properties can be extended for all kinds of reasons and the scope for the project can be as big or small as you like. It’s not all just adding on a few extra square feet for a bigger room or building a conservatory! At Refresh Oxfordshire, we offer extensions including:
- Sunroom additions
- Side return extensions
- Wrap around extensions
- Double storey extensions
- En-suite/bedroom additions
- Open-plan kitchen extensions
- Full design and build
- Entire property project management

What are the current home extension trends in Oxfordshire?

Demand for home extensions rather than home moves has increased as the last few years have given homeowners an appreciation for where they live after prolonged periods of enforced stay-at-home orders. In the last couple of years, Refresh has managed sunroom extensions, large kitchen builds and extensions to create new bedrooms for growing families – and for the addition of rental space on sites such as AirBnb.

How much does a home extension design and build cost?

Home extension costs increase with the size and scope of a project. On average, you can expect to spend £1,200 - £2,000 per square foot for a home extension, with material fees on top.

Why choose Refresh for your home extension project?

Refresh don’t just send a team of contractors to site and have them work when they feel like it. Instead, we supply a designated Project Consultant to act as the homeowner’s point of contact and manage the whole development from start-to-finish. This allows homeowners to continue on with their day-to-day lives with minimum disruption and without effort or worry.

Will I need planning permission for my home extension?

Permitted Development Rights are UK permissions that allow homeowners to extend their properties without formal planning permission providing the new development meets certain criteria. Well versed in permission rights, Refresh will be able to advise accurately what can be achieved within the realms of Permitted Development Rights but should planning permission be needed, the team can manage that too.

What areas do Refresh Oxfordshire operate in?

Homeowners in Oxford, Aylesbury and Buckingham as well as the surrounding areas to the county borders can all benefit from Refresh Oxfordshire’s services. Give us a call to see if we operate in your area, but don’t worry if we don’t – there will be another Refresh office local to you to help you out with your home extension. 
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