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Over the last few years we’ve all gained a newfound appreciation for loving where we live – and many have chosen to move elsewhere as a result. However, not every property is perfect; and certainly you’d be paying a pretty penny to move into somewhere that does. But working to shape your own home to get it just how you’d like can be hugely rewarding.
Refresh Renovations operate worldwide and are experts in their field, delivering everything from new bathrooms and wet rooms to converting lofts and garages and extending homes with new rooms. Our local team in East Hertfordshire and North Essex manage fantastic strategic relationships with the local planning authorities (LPAs) and highest quality tradespeople to give homeowners the best possible renovations experience.

What types of Home Renovations do Refresh offer?

Refresh manage a myriad of renovations for properties throughout the East Herts and North Essex area, including:
- Home adaptations
- Home accessibility 
- Interior Design 
- Home renovations 
- Painting & Decorating 
- Carpentry 
- Listed building restoration 
- Architectural renovations 
- External home renovations 
- Kitchen Design 
- Bathroom Design

What are the current Home Renovation trends in East Hertfordshire & North Essex? 

The plethora of property types throughout Herts and Essex presents numerous opportunities for ambitious renovations. Amongst older homeowners we tend to work on adaptations for accessibility and mobility restraints, and for younger, converting garages and lofts into extra bedrooms for growing families. The amount of impressive listed buildings throughout the counties does mean that the Refresh team have worked on complex projects with intricate requirements.

How much does a Home Renovation cost?

To get an accurate quote for your home renovation, get in touch with the Refresh team. A Refresh Renovations expert local to East Hertfordshire and North Essex will visit your home to scope out the project with you and to provide a costing.

Why choose Refresh for a Home Renovation?

Our approach ensures every detail of your renovation is managed by specialists – so you don’t need to take time off work or stay at home to oversee everything. We have you covered!

Will I need planning permission for my Home Renovation? 

Generally speaking, most internal renovations don’t require formal planning permission; but some larger and some external projects will. A Refresh Renovations specialist will be able to advise you of likely legal requirements upon a home visit and this will be managed by the team as part of the overall renovation project. We work with the LPAs in the area all the time so there’s no need to assume that applying for permission will cause unnecessary or excessive disruption to the renovation as a whole.

What areas do Refresh East Hertfordshire & North Essex operate in?

Refresh East Hertfordshire & North Essex offer Home Renovation services in Saffron Walden, Epping, Harlow, Bishops Stortford and the surrounding towns and villages.

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