Bathroom remodeling in the Woodlands Houston

Bathroom remodel in Houston

If your bathroom has reached the stage where it is in need of an update, or your home is in need of an additional bathroom, the team at Refresh Renovations Woodlands Houston can help. By providing innovative bespoke design and build solutions, Refresh makes it easy to achieve a positive renovation experience. 

What bathroom remodeling services does Refresh provide?

Your remodeling specialist can take care of every aspect of your bathroom renovation. This includes:
- Design
- Permit applications
- Project management
- Caulking and grouting
- Tile installations
- Shower installations
- Flooring installations
- Cabinetry installations
- Custom mirror installations
- Towel rack installations
- Custom vanity installations
- Faux finishes
- Luxury finishes

How much will it cost to remodel my bathroom?

Your remodeling specialist will work with you to achieve a bathroom design that falls within your budget, wherever feasible. Basic bathroom renovations usually start from around $10,000. Projects which include updated layouts, structural work, detailed specifications or luxury features are likely to cost more. For a cost estimate accurate to your specific requirements, please consult your local remodeling specialist. 

Note: costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.  

Will Refresh take care of any necessary permits?

Should your project require a master permit, sub-permits, a Notice of Commencement or have specific requirements as a historical property, your remodeling specialist will take care of the planning and application process for you. Your specialist will manage all work in accordance with local regulations. 

What are some current trends in Houston bathroom designs?

Elegant designs with marble flooring and wooden accents are consistent across many residential Houston bathrooms. Spacious traditional-style bathroom vanities are common, as are walk-in frameless showers and built-in bathtubs. While these materials and styles are common, Refresh encourages clients to develop personalized and timeless designs that can be enjoyed for years to come.  

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