Loft Conversion Consultant in Berkshire and Basingstoke

A converted loft used for an office space

More of us than ever are choosing to take advantage of the often under-used or entirely unused space in lofts or attics, converting them to rooms that provide extra living areas for the home. Loft conversions have long been considered the domain of only luxury abodes owned by families with big budgets but Refresh are here to make such renovations more accessible and affordable to all.

What types of Loft Conversions do Refresh offer?

The possibilities are endless with loft conversions – you can use your new room for just about anything! Alongside full project management, Refresh offer:
- Architectural drawings
- Structural engineering
- Bespoke designs
- Roof conversions
- Dormer loft conversions
- Loft extensions and additions
- Interior design
- Electrical work and plumbing
- Carpentry

What are the current Loft Conversion trends in Berkshire and Basingstoke?

Since the first Covid-19 lockdown, more people than ever are working from home and so we’ve seen a rapid increase in the amount of homeowners opting to convert their loft into an office or other home working space. Aside from extra bedrooms (including with en-suite facilities), we’re also seeing lots of people convert their lofts for AirBnb or other holiday rentals and some even convert into creative studios or other small business facilities.

How much does a Loft Conversion cost?

Loft conversions come in all shapes and sizes and the exact cost is dependent on not just the space at hand but also the scope of the project. Once a Refresh Renovations consultant has visited your home and looked at the space, a full quote will be provided based on your requirements and what you’re hoping to achieve.

Why choose Refresh for a Loft Conversion?

Refresh has years of experience in managing loft conversions across the Berkshire and Basingstoke area and this combined with their strategic industry relationships amongst suppliers, contractors and architects mean that we’re able to provide the most comprehensive high quality service for homeowners looking to transform their loft space.

Will I need planning permission for my Loft Conversion?

Most basic loft conversions don’t have any requirement for external planning permission but larger and more major renovations may need to comply to legal guidelines. Where this is the case, a Refresh Renovations Project Consultant will manage the entire process; filing applications and appeals and helping design and create the loft conversion in the way to provide the least possible amount of administrative requirement and project disruption. Refresh maintains a great relationship with local planning authorities (LPAs) and will always work with them to present the best possible solution with no hassle for the homeowner.

What areas do Refresh Berkshire and Basingstoke operate in?

Homeowners across Wokingham, Thatcham and Aldermaston also enjoy loft conversion services from Refresh – so if you live in the surrounding areas, get in touch to discuss your project!

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