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A loft converted into additional living space

Attic space occurs in many of the terraced, semi-detached and townhouse homes throughout South East London but for most, it’s just a room in the roof filled with decaying insulation and the odd box of old toys, Christmas decorations and homewares that don’t fit the current interior design theme. Often unused because they’re so underestimated, lofts can easily be insulated and used as just about any type of room with a clever conversion. 
In South East London, Refresh Renovations are the leading loft conversion specialists – offering an award-winning approach that delivers a superb new living space every time. Loft conversions increase the value of your home as well as the usable rooms within… so what are you waiting for? Get converting! 

What types of Loft Conversion do Refresh offer?

Refresh South East London offers a whole host of loft conversion services for properties in the area, including:
- Architectural drawings
- Structural engineering
- Bespoke designs
- Construction
- Roof conversions
- Dormer loft conversions
- Loft extensions
- Loft additions
- Interior design
- Electrical work
- Plumbing
- Carpentry

What are the current Loft Conversion trends in South East London? 

More homeowners than ever are choosing to convert their lofts into roomy additional bedrooms to accommodate their growing families or simply free up other space for home offices or living areas. Skylights installed into the roof provide bright natural light and new developments in glazing techniques mean that the newly installed efficient insulation need not compromise on warmth for windows. 

How much does a Loft Conversion cost?

Loft conversions come in all shapes, sizes and types, but generally speaking they can be completed as a fairly basic property project. Conversions involving minimum construction and design cost from around £3,000+ but these costs inflate with architectural requirements, plumbing and electrical work and the need for major interior design.

Why choose Refresh for a Loft Conversion?

The Refresh Renovations approach has won awards for its comprehensiveness – because we don’t just send in contractors to do a job and then leave. Instead, every project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager who oversees everything from conception through to completion; managing all aspects and communicating with all parties. 

Will I need planning permission for my Loft Conversion? 

Planning permission is usually only required for major conversions: that is, those changing the primary legal use of the property or the architecture of the structure. In these cases, Refresh will manage the planning permission process entirely and operate within all legal and best practice guidelines to complete the conversion not just legally but to the highest possible standard of work. 

What areas do Refresh South East London operate in?

Refresh South East London offer Loft Conversion services throughout Blackheath, Southwark, Erith, Greenwich and the surrounding areas.

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