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Many homes have a loft but these are often simply boarded up, filled with boxes of ‘stuff’ and shut, left as a cold and under-utilised storage space; never quite living up to their full potential. As a room, the possibilities are endless for loft space, and homeowners with the help of Refresh Renovations have turned theirs into extra bedrooms, spa-style bathrooms, living areas, cinema rooms and home offices. What’s your loft looking like right now – and is it living up to all it could be? If the answer is no, it could be time to give Refresh Renovations a call. 

What types of loft conversions do Refresh offer?

What you choose to use your new room for is up to you. Alongside project management of the whole conversion, Refresh Crawley offer:
- Architectural drawings
- Structural engineering
- Bespoke designs
- Roof conversions
- Dormer loft conversions
- Loft extensions and additions
- Interior design
- Electrical work and plumbing
- Carpentry.

What are the current loft conversion trends in Crawley? 

The most common use for a loft conversion is to create an extra bedroom and demand has increased in recent years for these to also include an en-suite – turning the loft into the home’s master bedroom but also allowing for a private living space that can be used for guests or paying short-term renters. Many homeowners investing in a loft conversion choose to have skylights installed – drowning the room in natural light and reversing the dark and dingy feel most attics have by default.

How much does a loft conversion cost?

A Refresh Project Consultant with specialism in loft conversion will visit your home for a no-obligation discussion and provide a bespoke quote based on the exact size, scope and requirements of your work. There’s definitely no one-size-fits-all solution with loft conversions and having an expert scope out the job allows for an accurate price to be provided.

Why choose Refresh for a loft conversion?

Loft conversions can be major renovations for a home and a comprehensively-managed project plan is key to their success – after all, it’s not as though you can just nip up there and start constructing things yourself particularly easily! Refresh’s team of specialists work with loft conversions all the time and their full project management approach means everything is taken care of centrally and by someone who holds all the relevant skills and expertise in the industry. 

Will I need planning permission for my loft conversion? 

Most loft conversion don’t require planning permission. However, where an extension is being made or architectural restructuring needed, the LPA (Local Planning Authority) may dictate intervention. The project’s central point of contact at Refresh Crawley will manage this as they would any other project involvement; but with the bonus of being an experienced party in such applications and with such authorities.

What areas do Refresh Crawley operate in?

Refresh Crawley offer loft conversion services across Reigate, Redhill, Leatherhead and the surrounding areas.

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