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A completed home renovation.

Dreaming of a home as luxurious and stylish as possible? If you are, a luxury home renovation may be for you. Here at Refresh Renovations we are proud to take on a large variety of home improvement projects; including those on luxury homes. 
Take a look at our luxury home renovation service and how Refresh Renovations can help you to achieve the home of your dreams. 

What are the options for luxury home renovations?

Thinking about arranging for a luxury home renovation? Here are just some of the elements of the process we can work with you on: 
- Design and planning
- Sourcing of materials 
- Planning permission
- Bespoke additions 
- Project management 

What are the trends in luxury home renovations? 

Not sure what luxury home renovations you want to have carried out in your home? Need inspiration for the changes that you can make? Below are just a few of the many luxury touches and finishes that you can introduce during your renovation for that ultimate dreamy stylish home: 
- Luxury bathrooms
- Touch less faucets in the kitchen 
- Home gyms
- Porcelain tiles and flooring
- Open plan living
Keen to show off your own personality? You may also find that you have your own personal sense of style that you want to bring to your home. Refresh Renovations can help you with this. 

How much does a luxury home renovation cost?

The cost of your luxury home remodel will really depend on the work that you want to have carried out, how long the project may take and the materials and standard of finish that you would like in your new home renovation.
A luxury bathroom renovation should cost you in the region of £6,000 or a sensible amount to have in mind for a new kitchen is £15,000. 

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Here at Refresh Renovations we understand that the utmost care and attention needs to be given to any home renovation you undertake. Especially for those wanting to add a feel of luxury to their home. After all, if you want the very best in style and design, then you are going to want the very best in finish too.
We take care of all the finer details, our end to end project management styles makes sure that you can be as house proud as possible. No matter the style or interior design finish you choose. 

Do luxury home renovations need planning permission? 

Whether or not a home renovation requires planning permission really does depend on the nature of the work that you want to carry out. Some renovation works are covered as a part of permitted development, however, major structural changes to your property will require you to submit a request for planning permission. 
If you are unsure if you will require planning permission, our team of experts can talk you through the options available to ensure you understand what is required. 

What areas do Refresh Renovations cover?

Refresh Cambridge offers luxury home renovation services in Ely, Huntingdon, Newmarket and other surrounding areas.

Can I choose bespoke fixtures and fittings? 

It is understandable that you are going to want to make sure that your home is a true reflection of your own personal sense of style. If bespoke fixtures and fittings are top of your list, we can help. 
Speak to our team of experts on the things that you would like to see in your home and we can confirm whether these are going to work and guide you towards making the most suitable bespoke choices for your luxury living spaces. 

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