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A kitchen can be the social centre of the home, and if you’re looking to take your kitchen renovation a step further into realms really special, Refresh Renovations may just the firm for you. We understand that living with your kitchen out-of-action even for a few days can be a huge disruption; and that’s why Refresh are the preferred renovations company in Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim for homeowners. Our end-to-end project management approach takes care of every detail of every job from conception through to completion – leaving you to sit back and come back only when your luxury kitchen is finished and ready for action!

What aspects of Luxury Kitchen Design do Refresh undertake?

Luxury kitchen layouts come in all shapes and sizes, and these include (but are not limited to):
- One wall kitchens
- The galley kitchen
- The L-shaped kitchen
- U-shaped kitchens
- An island kitchen

What are the trends in Luxury Kitchen Design at the moment?

Luxury kitchen design is affected by trends just like every other theme of interior design, but it’s best to opt for a timeless design that will suit your home long-term rather than something without longevity. Kitchen islands remain popular and layouts involving social hubs such as islands with seating areas or other larger dining facilities are continuing to be a favourite amongst homeowners as they’re spotted in TV shows such as The Kardashians.

How much does a Luxury Kitchen Design cost?

Top-end kitchen designs vary in price depending on project scope, but costs tend to be in the ballpark of £45,000 - £80,000 with some very high end designer units making up the bulk of that costing . Of course, more standard kitchens can be designed and installed for considerably less, but these are, for the most part, off-the-shelf kitchen solutions. No matter what your budget range, Refresh Renovations can help with your kitchen design and installation. 
*These costs are rough estimates only and are subject to change. For a quote accurate to your project, please get in touch with a renovation consultant

Why choose Refresh Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim for Luxury Kitchen Design?

Our project management approach is award-winning globally thanks to the stress it takes away from homeowners. With local offices around the UK and internationally, there’s bound to be a Refresh team near you!

Will I need planning permission for my Luxury Kitchen Design project?

The nature of luxury kitchen designs is that they’re often concocted in luxury properties, and in some cases, these may require external planning permission. Most internal fit-outs can be completed covered by standard homeowner Permitted Development Rights, but if the design requires architectural intervention or the property is situated in an AONB or holds listed status, the local planning authority may need to be involved. Refresh will manage the full application and appeals process for customers; and in most cases, do so without any additional fee or time added onto the agreed SLA.

What areas do Refresh Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim operate in?

Refresh Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim take care of Luxury Kitchen Design in Armoy, Cushendall, Feeny, Strabane and the surrounding areas.

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