Attic Conversion Specialists in Missouri City, Houston

Are you considering an attic conversion?

Attic conversions are an innovative way of creating space inside your family home, and the possibilities are endless. You might consider creating an open concept master bedroom and bathroom, perhaps an idyllic study for working from home, or even a children's playroom. 
Whether you have your designs and plans laid out or you need some inspiration, Refresh Renovations can support you with any attic conversion project. 
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Why choose Refresh Renovations?

If you have a growing family or limited space for your guests to sleep, you may be considering remodeling your existing home to maximize your current floor space. Attic conversions are a popular way of extending your family home without relocating. With a range of attic conversion ideas on the internet, it can be challenging to know where to start. That's why enlisting the help of an expert is the safest way to ensure your project is handled correctly from start to finish and leaves you with results that add value to your property. 
At Refresh, our Remodeling Consultants offer to assist with the entire remodeling process. From beginning to end, it’s their job to manage every major and minor aspect of your renovation, all while being your single point of contact. This comprehensive management technique is the key to accurately executing designs, reducing costly risks, and establishing cost-effective solutions. 
At Refresh Renovations, we’ve completed thousands of renovation projects. Our consultants oversee the many professionals who undertake and work on your project. Your Remodeling Consultant has established a network of construction professionals, including the most reliable loft conversion specialists in Missouri City. You can have confidence and trust in Refresh to deliver your expectations and outcomes cost-effectively. 

What are the current attic conversion trends in Missouri City, Houston?

Creating extra living or bedroom space or a private office for working from home are all dominant trends for attic conversions, with each end use requiring different internal finishings.
Dormer windows are a great feature to include in your plans though, given the views to be enjoyed from on high. Make the most of natural light by ensuring your attic conversion has large skylights. Clever shelving and storage solutions will enhance the spaciousness.
Consider the on-trend choice of lighter colors that bring the outside in and bounce natural light around the room. Incorporate your existing chimney breast to create a feature wall, or pick patterned textiles that add a pop of color. High ceilings are a big trend for current conversions, so let your pitched ceiling rise to your roof, and you will have a space that feels much bigger than it is. 

What attic conversion building services do Refresh Renovations provide?

No matter the size of your project, our Remodeling Consultants can assist with all attic conversions across Houston. Refresh provides a bespoke process that allows you to achieve your desired look. 
Our attic conversion services include: 
- Loft and attic conversions
- Scaffolding
- Roof conversions
- Guest bedroom additions
- Skylight windows
- Custom-made cabinetry and storage solutions
- Stairways
- Open plan living
- Bathroom additions
- Bespoke solutions and additions
- Balcony additions

How much will my attic conversion cost?

As no two attic conversions are the same, providing a quote for your project will always depend on your specifications and requirements. A loft conversion could range from $40,000* - $100,000* depending on your needs and space. Your Remodeling Consultant will work closely with you before the building process gets underway, to understand your design ideas and requirements. 
They will also be able to help you determine what’s achievable within your budget range and where you could save money with alternative options.
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. Please consult your local Refresh Remodeling Consultant for a fixed quote accurate to your specific project.

Will Refresh take care of any required council consent?

Depending on your project specifications, you may be required to apply for a master permit, sub permits, and a Notice of Commencement. Your local Remodeling Consultant will know what is required.
At Refresh, we want homeowners to enjoy a stress-free conversion project. So, your Remodeling Consultant will manage your application process on your behalf, ensuring that all local regulations are complied with before any construction work commences.

Ready to start your project?

Whether you are bursting with design ideas or you would like more information about project possibilities, we recommend taking a look at our testimonials and case studies to see why Refresh Renovations have a reputation for excellence.
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