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You may think you know what you want in a kitchen design until you speak with a designer. They’re masters at their craft which is understanding what you like, what you don’t like, and how to make your space work best for your day to day life.
With access to premium materials and skillful craftspeople, kitchen designers can help you get the look you want for far less than if you sourced it all on your own. Not to mention, far less of a headache too.
If you’re looking for a kitchen redesign or help designing a new kitchen in your Nelson home, get in touch today to arrange a free consultation today. 

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Traditional kitchen renovations often leave much to be desired. As one of the most high-traffic rooms in the house, you don’t have time for things to run behind or for costly mistakes to be made. In response to these common renovation woes, our approach to renovations is firmly rooted in comprehensive project management.
Each Refresh renovation is managed by a Renovation Consultant who acts as a single point of contact for our homeowners which reduces the opportunities for miscommunication and keeps the project on track and on budget.
What does it mean to be a single point of contact? Well, each Renovation Consultant partners with their selected crew of tradies and suppliers so you have an entire team working for you but only have to communicate with one, your Renovation Consultant. 
Operating with clear and direct communication throughout the renovation is something we implement on every project to make you feel confident and informed. This not only manages expectations but also limits the risk of overspending and paints a clear picture for you and the team.
It doesn’t matter why you’re renovating, we’ll work hard to provide creative solutions and deliver incredible results, on time and within budget.

What are the current kitchen design trends?

Trends of late have been focused very much on sleek minimalist design. But now, homeowners want their homes to feel warm and inviting; they want them to feel lived-in.
Mixing in antique and vintage elements into a kitchen design immediately adds character. Older pieces, specifically furniture, were built to last and the timeless nature of these pieces make this an easy trend to incorporate into modern designs that’ll last for years.
A stronger focus on lighting as an artistic feature rather than facility is very popular. This means dramatic statements like bone china pendant lights or pairing different sets of bold lighting. In a larger kitchen this style of lighting is used to define specific areas and add character to the space. 
While modern, minimalist kitchen design will always have its place, both of these trends are founded on adding character and charm to kitchens and moving away from the sterility of yesteryear.
Chat with your Renovation Consultant and explore how you can bring these trends to your kitchen design. 

What kitchen design services do Refresh Renovations provide?

Kitchen renovations are one of the most comprehensive projects you can undertake. They often requiring plumbing, electrical, tiling, and more. So, in addition to top-tier kitchen design, we offer a diverse range of premium services to ensure your project is completed in one place, making Refresh your one-stop shop for kitchen renovations. 

Our kitchen design services include:

  • Bespoke kitchen designs
  • Kitchen concept plans
  • Kitchen splashback designs
  • Kitchen island designs
  • Kitchen benchtop designs
  • Small kitchen designs
  • Sustainable kitchen designs
  • New kitchen layouts
  • Storage solutions
  • Kitchen extensions
  • Kitchen fittings
  • Kitchen installations
  • Project management

...and anything else you can think of!

How much does it cost to design a kitchen in Nelson?

The most honest answer to the question of how much will a kitchen design cost is, it depends. The scope of your project will directly affect the cost and vice versa. 
A basic kitchen renovation, leaving the footprint largely the same, with updates to flooring, cabinetry, and splashbacks can generally be done for under $35,000*. But, if the scope of your project is larger or more luxurious and includes plumbing and electrical changes, then your starting budget should be around $50,000*.
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovation Consultant.

Will Refresh take care of any required council consent? 

If any building or resource consent is required for your kitchen design in Nelson, your Renovation Consultant will handle all the paperwork and correspondence with the council. When we say comprehensive project management, we mean it. 

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