North Sydney and Hornsby Garage Conversion Builders

Creating an ‘all-inclusive’ home has become increasingly popular over the last few years; a place where you can work, exercise, relax, and entertain. But where does one find the space? An under-utilised garage. While some properties are lucky enough to maintain the best of both worlds with a double or even triple garage, homeowners are more often than not willing to forego auto storage for a more practical daily usage such as an extra bedroom or stylish home office. 
Is your garage fulfilling its potential? If not, get in touch with a local Renovation Consultant and arrange a consultation to discuss a garage conversion. 

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

If you want to take a streamlined approach to your garage conversion and utilise an extensive crew while only dealing with a single person, look no further than Refresh. We’ve made it our mission to provide homeowners with a stress-free renovation and our method was crafted with that in mind. 
Our 5-step process keeps homeowners in control of their renovation without giving them the stress of project management. During your garage conversion, a local Renovation Consultant will be your single point of contact. You can monitor your project’s progress with our intuitive construction management software at any time, but if there’s an issue or you have a question, your Renovation Consultant will be there to help. 
From comprehensive site management and crew coordination to expert advice and robust customer support, you’ll find confidence within your Renovation Consultant that they’ve got everything under control. The only thing you need to do is enjoy the journey. 

What garage conversion ideas are currently popular in North Sydney and Hornsby?

The freedom to work from home is great. But without a designated workspace, distractions can quickly become overwhelming. As the option to work remotely becomes the norm, former commuters are opting for garage-to-home office conversions. Built-in storage, bespoke interiors, and soundproofing are amongst the most popular selections when it comes to home office design. 
But popular garage conversion ideas aren’t limited to the WFH’ers. Custom sports storage is well suited to the North Sydney and Hornsby lifestyle. Temperature and humidity controls, space-saving ceiling racks, and smart security systems are ideal for any sports enthusiast wanting to protect their equipment and enhance its longevity. 
For more popular garage conversion ideas in North Sydney and Hornsby, get in touch with a local Renovation Consultant. 

What garage conversion services does Refresh Renovations provide?

Depending on the purpose, garage conversions can require plumbers, electricians, and even structural engineers. By utilising their established industry relationships, our Renovation Consultants have access to a far-reaching network of experienced professionals to offer homeowners a wide range of garage conversion services. 
Our garage conversion services include:
- Garage conversion designs
- Single and double garage conversions
- Converting a garage into a living space
- Garage-to-bedroom conversions
- Garage-to-office conversions
- Garage door conversions
- Demolition
- Construction
- Installations
- Painting and decorating

How much does a garage conversion cost in North Sydney and Hornsby?

We’ve completed garage conversions in Australia ranging from $20,000* to over $200,000*. Such a large range isn’t very helpful, so let’s break down a real-life Refresh project as an example. 
Converting an existing double garage into a self-contained one-bedroom flat cost the homeowners $67,000* and included:
- Council application and approval process for change of use
- Demolition and significant drainage work
- Waterproofing, concreting, framing, and electrical
- Saniflo above-floor plumbing installation 
- A Scandinavian-inspired interior design
- Timber and carpet flooring
- One bedroom with wardrobe and ensuite
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovation Consultant.

Do you need consent for a garage conversion?

If your garage conversion does require council approval, your Renovation Consultant will take care of everything including applications, meetings, and site visits. 

Don’t wait another day to take back your garage. 

Our Renovation Consultants are ready to guide you through a seamless garage conversion. To get started, get in touch and arrange an initial consultation.