North Sydney and Hornsby Kitchen Installers

Kitchens have remained the long-standing ‘hub of the home’ which is why many homeowners invest in improvements for their kitchen over any other space. But without the appropriate expertise, a kitchen installation can go from sound investment to money pit.  
Protect your home, sanity, and investment by trusting the expert kitchen installers at Refresh. Get in touch with a local Renovation Consultant today to arrange your no-obligation consultation.

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

A functional kitchen requires many elements that work together cohesively, each of which should be executed by an expert in that field. For a single project, that may mean engaging a tiler, plumber, cabinet installer, electrician, designer, joinery specialist, and architect which could get overwhelming quickly. 
At Refresh, it’s our goal to make renovations straightforward and stress-free. So much so that our entire 5-step method was designed to create an enjoyable experience for homeowners. During your kitchen renovation, a Renovation Consultant will provide robust support which includes, but is not limited to, coordinating the myriad of tradespeople needed and sourcing the necessary materials to execute your installation to a high standard. 

What kitchen installation services does Refresh Renovations provide?

When it comes to installations, Refresh is your one-stop shop. Our Renovation Consultants work within established networks of industry professionals to bring you top-notch services from trusted providers. 
Our kitchen installation services include:
- Kitchen renovations
- Kitchen remodelling
- Kitchen additions/extensions
- Flat-pack/kit-set kitchen installations
- Custom-made kitchen installations
- Rangehood installations
- Cabinetry installations
- Splashback installations
- Joinery installations

...and more!

How much will my kitchen installation cost in North Sydney and Hornsby?

The cost for kitchen installation in North Sydney and Hornsby will vary depending on the scope. A basic renovation can be executed for around $20,000* but a high-end kitchen could easily exceed $200,000*. That’s a large range, so let’s explore a few examples of real kitchen renovations completed by Refresh and what was included at different price points.
A kitchen installation and flooring project cost the homeowners $67,000* and included:
- A new open-plan layout with an L-shaped kitchen island
- Cabinet and stone benchtop installation
- Flooring installation throughout the open living area and stairs
- New walk-in pantry

Renovating the kitchen of an 1800s property cost $188,000* and included:
- Reconfiguring the layout to accommodate the kitchen’s relocation
- An open-plan kitchen and living area
- New butler’s pantry with ample storage
- A lower-level wine cellar
- Timber staircase connecting pantry and cellar
- Fresh paint, refurbished timber floors, contemporary lighting
- New appliances
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovation Consultant.

What materials can I choose from for my new kitchen?

Whatever you want! That’s the beauty of being in control of your own renovation and, with Refresh, you don’t have to worry about knowing where to find it. Timber, stone, ceramic, and metal are the perfect combination for a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen and can be used in different applications — bamboo benchtops and stone flooring for example. A more rustic design may include materials such as copper fixtures, brick accents, or polished concrete. No matter what style your kitchen is, an important thing to keep in mind is the material’s durability and whether or not it will be difficult to clean. 

Does a kitchen installation require building consent?

Building or resource consent may be required for your kitchen renovation but your Renovation Consultant will arrange for the proper permits and ensure that your project is executed up to code; no paperwork for you to worry about. 

Looking for expert kitchen installers?

Look no further than the experts at Refresh. To learn more, get in touch with a local North Sydney and Hornsby Renovation Consultant to arrange a no-obligation consultation.