North Yorkshire Loft Conversion Builders

A small snug in a completed loft conversion

Whether you’re looking to convert your loft to add an element of indulgence to your home or simply to extend the living space your family has, a loft conversion project is an exciting proposition and likely to increase your property’s resale value. The Refresh North Yorkshire team are passionate about working with clients to bring their loft spaces to life through creative and innovative conversions; each one tailored entirely bespoke to the homeowner.

Why Refresh?

We understand that property projects are exciting but also that they can easily run over schedule, over budget and can cause disruption to your home life if not managed immaculately. The Refresh North Yorkshire team take a full end-to-end approach to project management, seeing your loft conversion through right from the brainstorming of ideas to completion of a new living space that you’re in and enjoying every day.

What loft conversion services does Refresh provide?

Refresh North Yorkshire take care of every aspect of your loft conversion project, including (but by no means limited to):
- Bespoke designs and custom builds
- Construction and structural engineering
- Applying for Building Regulations approval/Planning Permission; where applicable
- Architectural drawings
- Loft additions
- Loft conversions
- Electrical works and installation
- Insulation installation
- Plumbing work
- Interior design.

How much does a loft conversion in North Yorkshire cost?

There are many factors affecting the budget required for a loft conversion, including the scope, size and specifications of your project. Generally, velux conversions – where windows are inserted into the roof to allow natural light in – are the most cost-effective option. However, dormer conversions – flat roof extensions with a window – are the most common. Hip to gable conversions, where one of both end slopes of the roof are replaced with a gable wall are usually the most expensive.

Can any loft be converted?

Most lofts can be converted into other living spaces but it’s always worth checking before you commit to anything. Lofts need sufficient headroom (usually at least 2.4m) for those in it to move around as well as for building to take place. If you’re unsure of whether or not it’s possible to convert your loft into another room, ask the Refresh North Yorkshire team to carry out a free consultation and see what the experts suggest.

How can you introduce more light into a loft conversion?

Installing velux windows and skylights into a loft conversion can help increase the natural light levels in the room but there are also interesting interior design techniques using lighting to create ambience that can be included. In more ambitious projects, installing a floor-to-ceiling window may be an option or the inclusion of a roof lantern.

Can I live on-site during my loft conversion?

Most loft conversions allow for homeowners to continue living in their home while building works are being carried out but for more complex projects, there may be sufficient disruption for you to consider a temporary relocation. The Refresh North Yorkshire team will always be honest about any expected disruption so that you’re able to make an appropriate decision for you and your family during renovation works.

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