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To say there is a myriad of property types in Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim would be an understatement; and the varied history of the region means that there’s vast diversity in the age of homes and buildings throughout the area. There are still many homes with outbuildings but these are often under-used or completely un-used and all too often have fallen into disrepair as a result.
Refresh Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim are renovating and converting outbuildings for homeowners across the neighbourhoods, spanning a wide variety of property types, shapes and sizes.

What aspects of Outbuilding Conversion do Refresh undertake?

Refresh works to a full end-to-end project management approach, so our work on outbuilding conversions includes:
- Concept designs
- Planning permission administration
- Full builds
- Outbuilding conversion
- Outbuilding demolition
- Outbuilding extension.

What are the trends in Outbuilding Conversion at the moment?

Outbuilding conversions are growing in popularity as homeowners look to make better use of the space they have, and post-covid, more of us than ever are looking to improve our living spaces with a newfound appreciation for them. In recent years, Refresh Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim have taken on jobs demolishing outbuildings as well as refurbishing and converting them – into the likes of home offices, spare bedrooms (in some cases to be let out as holiday homes) and workshops.

How much does an Outbuilding Conversion cost?

Outbuildings come in all shapes and sizes so it’s impossible to give a one-size-fits-all quote. Instead, a Refresh Renovations Consultant from the Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim office will visit your property to scope out the job and see the outbuilding scale and give you an overview of the Refresh process, and how it can help your specific project, . 

Why choose Refresh Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim for Outbuilding Conversions?

Our end-to-end project approach sees the hassle taken right out of homeowner’s hands – our project managers take care of everything for you! We know Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim like no one else and have already converted a vast amount of outbuildings in the area so are brilliantly placed to manage your job with our existing expertise; putting together a bespoke team of professional tradespeople to manage every job.

Will I need planning permission for an Outbuilding Conversion?

There are some instances in which an outbuilding conversion will require planning permission but thankfully, not many. Refresh Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim manage a great working relationship with the local planning authority and can manage the application and appeals process  as required – but can also advise you on how best to proceed without such administration, if possible. 

What areas do Refresh Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim operate in?

Refresh Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim take care of Outbuilding Conversions in Ballymoney, Armoy, Cushenden, Coleraine and the surrounding areas.

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