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At Refresh Cambridge, we use all our experience and expertise to ensure that no matter what type of painting or decorating project you are planning, you get the most out of your home. Whether it is to improve the flow of a property, revitalise a family home or a new home renovation we can work with you to design your ideal finish.
Whilst adhering to both timelines and budgets, Refresh adopts a design and build scheme where we can turn your plans and imagination into reality. As part of our customer-friendly approach, all requirements and specifications are outlined before work begins to ensure you are happy with the plan before proceeding.

What services do Refresh Cambridge provide?

Architectural renovations
External home renovations

Kitchen Design

Bathroom Design 

Interior Design

Home renovations

Painting & Decorating


Listed building restoration 

What are the décor trends in Cambridge? 

Modern trends are seeing more and more colour and the introduction of mismatching rather than your typical beige look with supreme symmetry. Embracing individuality and being different is being encouraged in the modern Cambridge home as the more eccentric and nonconformist approach to presentation is accepted in society. Popular culture and the need to stand out amongst the current generation has inspired a whole new way in which people look at home decor and the striking colour mixes used rather than the modest tones of yesteryear. 

How much does a painter and decorator cost?

How much you spend on interior design is largely up to you. The size and scale of the project will influence this of course, but there are ways of keeping costs down. If you wish to be strict then there are usually reasonably priced or cheaper materials to be found with a bit of extra research but this may involve sacrificing longevity or durability. If you base an estimation starting at £2000 for a 2-bed flat to be fully painted and decorated you won’t go far wrong. The other end of the scale is in the region of £5000 for a 5-bed house with costs likely to rise if a lot of preparation is needed on each wall. A Refresh Cambridge Consultant can provide an overview with more accurate costs for your property if you book a no-obligation consultation with us.
*Please note that these are rough estimates only. For a high-level indication of what your uniquerenovation will cost, the Refresh Process is designed to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why choose Refresh?

Refresh’s end to end project management system ensures we offer a very thorough and extensive service taking the burden off customers who choose us. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can adapt to fit any requirements be it small renovation or large scale projects whilst maintaining the highest quality and value for money. We are punctual, efficient and will not let you down.

Can Refresh help me with Interior Design? 

As an established company with a strong reputation in the sector, we pride ourselves on assisting with all areas of refurbishment and renovation. Refresh would be more than willing to assist with the design of your decoration project. Our professional and experienced team will utilise the years of practise that they have built up to help you create what fits best for your property.

What areas does Refresh Cambridge service?

Refresh Cambridge offers interior design services in Cambridge, Ely, Newmarket, and the surrounding areas. 

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