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Refresh Renovations design and build custom home offices throughout Perth. Whether you need a small and efficient home office or a luxurious and spacious home office where you can meet with clients, Refresh can help. Your local Renovation Consultant will take you through a streamlined process, providing you with a quote and timeline before any work begins. 

What home office renovation services do Refresh Renovations Perth offer?

Your local Refresh Renovations Consultant can take care of every step of your project for you, including:
- Home office design
- Home office construction
- Home extensions
- Garage conversions
- Room conversions
- Home office fit-outs
- Sourcing + installing custom office furniture
- Electrical work
- Painting and decorating

...and anything else you can think of!

How much will it cost to build a home office?

Refresh’s Australian Renovation Consultants have carried out garage-to-office conversions starting from approximately $40,000* and home office additions starting from approximately $70,000*. However, a range of factors will influence the cost of your project, including your project specifications, access, the materials used etc. Your Refresh Renovations Consultant can provide you with a quote before any works begin. 

What are some current home office trends in Australia?

Garage conversions, home extensions and room conversions are all popular ways to add an office to a property. Room conversions are probably one of the most affordable options - this can be as simple as perhaps updating a room’s flooring, lighting, paint and furniture. While more construction is generally involved in converting a garage into a home office, it does allow for more privacy away from the house. If you’re really lacking in space, a home extension will allow you to create a truly customised home office. Your Renovation Consultant can also provide inspiration and ideas for small home offices spaces e.g. an office nook in your living room. Whatever your requirements, they will be happy to help. 

How does the Refresh design and build process work?

Refresh’s process has been so efficiently designed that many renovating homeowners entrust the design and build of their projects to us while they are in a different country from their home! The Refresh Renovations online customer portal allows our customers to stay up-to-date with the progress of their project at any time and from anywhere. This includes communicating, making changes and viewing their project’s design, costs, timeframe, construction, installations and interior decorating - all without having to lift a finger.  

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*costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.