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Designing, building, painting and decorating - Refresh Renovations Perth can take care of it all; leaving you with a beautiful, personalised home. Whatever ideas you have in mind for your home interior or exterior, your local Refresh Renovations Consultant can help you to make it happen. 

What decorating and painting services do Refresh Renovations Perth offer?

Refresh provides a bespoke service, allowing you to achieve a personalised result. Our services include:
- Wallpaper hanging
- Interior painting
- Wall painting
- Ceiling painting
- Feature walls
- Exterior painting
- Roof painting
- Interior design
- Interior decorating
- Sourcing and installing furniture
- Colour consultations

...and anything else you can think of!

How much will it cost to paint my house?

Refresh Renovations Consultants in Australia have carried out exterior painting and repair projects that have ranged from approximately $30,000* - $250,000*, as well as smaller painting works within individual rooms and throughout home interiors. The cost of painting your home interior or exterior will depend on the size of the area being painted, access, required repairs and more. For a cost estimate accurate to your needs, please get in touch.  

What interior design features are popular in Perth?

Scandinavian interior design is extremely popular in Perth and worldwide. Common features of this modern style of interior design typically include white/light interior paint, minimalist decor made of natural materials, and practical layouts. Whether your style is Scandinavian or a little more eclectic, your local Refresh Renovations Consultant will collaborate with you and their local team of residential house painters and decorators to achieve your ideal result.   

How does the Refresh process work?

Refresh has designed a process that helps things to run smoothly across every stage of your renovation project. Your Renovation Consultant will stay with you across the planning, design, scheduling and implementation of your project - managing everything using a process that makes it easy to achieve your desired result on time and within your budget. 

Would you like to discuss your painting and decorating needs?

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*costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.