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Phoenix home addition ideas

Refresh’s team of custom home addition builders can support you with all of your home construction needs - whether it be a small home extension or a luxurious master bedroom addition. We’ll take care of all of your project’s needs from planning to completion.

What home addition services do Refresh Renovations Phoenix offer?

Refresh can take care of every stage of your home addition project, including:
- Architectural design 
- Ground floor additions
- Second story additions
- Basement additions
- Home extensions
- Home remodeling
- Home renovations
- Construction
- Roofing
- Electrical work and plumbing
- Installations
- Interior design

How much will it cost to add a room to my house?

The final cost of a home addition can vary significantly, depending on a number of factors. The size of the addition, the stylistic requirements, the original condition of the property being extended, and the permits involved are all important considerations when adding to your home. For these reasons, it’s best to speak to your local Remodeling Consultant to ascertain a cost estimate that is accurate to your project specifications. 

What additions are common within houses in Phoenix?

Master suite additions are a standard choice for many renovating homeowners in Phoenix - whether they are trying to upgrade their forever home or are making improvements before selling. In-law/guest quarters additions are also a common and practical addition for many families. However, when it comes to home additions, there really aren’t any rights or wrongs - it’s about creating new space that will work well for your home and lifestyle. Creating a luxury mansion feel is the dream for many Phoenix families, with customized spaces such as an indoor gym or swimming pool. Whatever your wishlist is at this stage, we can help you to turn your ideas into a feasible plan.

How does Refresh’s design and build process work?

Refresh’s process is perfect for the homeowner who finds home renovations daunting. We’ll develop a design that suits your needs and budget, and apply for your project’s permits. We’ll assign an experienced team of home builders to the construction stage of your project, as well as schedule-in all of the other contractors that your project may require: such as electricians, plumbers, and painters. We’ll then oversee the implementation of your design, ensuring it is in-line with your home aspirations and financial goals. 

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