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It is becoming an increasingly common trend in Portland to park your car in the driveway and transform your garage into a more functional area. Whether you’re looking for extra space for a yoga studio, a games room, or a second home to rent out for supplemental income, the Refresh Renovations Portland team can help you achieve your vision!

What are some popular garage conversion trends in Portland?

With the amount of time, money, and effort required to move to a bigger house, many Portland homeowners instead choose to maximise their space by converting their garage into the ideal room for their needs.
While some homeowners see a garage conversion as an investment to increase their property’s value, others seek to fill a specific want or need to improve their overall quality of life. 
The biggest trend when it comes to converting a garage is to transform it into a habitable space. This can be as simple as creating a second bedroom, or adding all the amenities required for a granny flat. These granny units are often used to house extended or expanding families, to rent out to tenants for additional income, or to be used as a dedicated Airbnb spot throughout the year.
Many Portlanders take this a step further by converting their garage into an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). Although the cost of an ADU can be substantial, having a prefab tiny house gives you the ability to house even more people, and save money in the long run by renting the living space out for extended periods of time. You can even transform your garage into a two storey home!
However, when it comes to other garage conversion options, the possibilities are close to limitless! Are you looking to build a play area for your children? A wine cellar slash bar to entertain your guests? A home gym to help you keep on track with your fitness goals? Regardless of the type of garage conversion you need—no matter how big or small—the Refresh Renovations Portland team will provide a bespoke design and build process, and guarantee to deliver your project on-time and on-budget.

What types of Garage Conversion services does Refresh Renovations provide in the Portland area?

  • Garage to ADU conversion
  • Garage to granny flat conversion
  • Garage to second bedroom conversion
  • Garage to creative studio conversion
  • Garage to music studio conversion
  • Garage to children’s playroom conversion
  • Garage to nursery conversion
  • Garage to family room conversion
  • Garage to game room conversion
  • Garage to man cave/lady lair conversion
  • Garage to wine cellar conversion
  • Garage to guest room conversion
  • Garage to home gym conversion 
  • Garage to home office/study conversion
  • Garage to home theatre conversion
  • Garage to two storey home conversion
  • ...and anything else you can think of!

    How much does it cost to get your garage converted in Portland?

    As no two garage transformations are the same, the cost depends on the size of your garage, what you want to convert your garage into, and the amount of time and labor required to complete your unique remodel. However, your Refresh Renovation Consultant will take all these costs and factors into account and provide you with a fixed price quote before beginning.

    Will Refresh take care of any permit applications?

    When it comes to transforming a non-habitable area such as a garage into a liveable space such as a bedroom, there are certain regulations and requirements one must adhere to. Your Portland Renovation Consultant will make sure your garage conversion is carried out in accordance with all local standards and regulations and if required, will complete the entire permit application process on your behalf.
    For specific information, check www.portlandoregon.gov

    Ready to discuss your Garage Conversion ideas?

    To find out exactly how much your garage conversion is going to cost and to figure out whether your garage conversion is feasible and would adhere to all local zoning regulations, get in touch with one of our Refresh Portland Consultants for a free consultation!