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If you’re wondering what a sunroom is, perhaps you know it by one of its other names: solarium, garden room, sun porch, patio room, pergola, or conservatory, but regardless of what you choose to call it, a sunroom is a versatile space that can enjoy all the benefits of being outside, without actually taking a step out of your home!
Your sunroom can either be an extension of your home, creating a contemporary indoor/outdoor flow, or an entirely separate enclosed area in your backyard. It is the perfect home addition for those looking to upgrade their lifestyle and allows you to enjoy sunlight during the day and stars at night, whether it’s sunny, raining, or snowing, without dealing with pesky insects or being subjected to outside weather conditions!
Our Refresh Renovations Portland team has extensive experience crafting custom-made sunrooms to suit various personal needs, and can help you achieve the same.

What are some popular sunroom trends in Portland, Oregon?

Portland is a city of outdoor lovers and a sunroom is a perfect addition to your house for the times you’re stuck indoors or simply want to relax at home. Many Portland homeowners choose to add sunrooms to their homes to add functionality and value, as well as to increase their property’s square footage.
Some popular sunroom trends in Portland include creating an open flow relaxation area to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, lounge about while reading a book on a lazy afternoon, have deep conversations with a friend in a comfortable area, or use the energy provided by the sun to work out in the light!
Each sunroom is custom built to suit your particular home and to satisfy your unique needs. Perhaps you want a space to entertain guests while being surrounded by nature, a safe area for your children to play in, or a sun-filled room to work from. Whatever your needs, budget, or lifestyle, out Refresh Renovations Portland team can help you bring your vision to life!
Other popular choices in Oregon include three-season rooms and four-season rooms. Although you could enjoy a sunroom during summer, spring, or in the rain, it can have limitations during harsh weather conditions. A three-season room can be enjoyed from spring through fall, but is not ideal for winter as it’s generally not heated. A four-season room on the other hand can be used all year round. It is built with insulated glass and features heating—you can even choose an electric or natural fireplace to enhance the ambience. 
But the best part about a sunroom is how customizable it is. Half the fun is making the space into your own sanctuary! You can do so by installing plants or using unique garden or lawn furniture that matches your personality. The key however, is to make the space as comfortable as possible, because you’ll definitely want to spend hours in your solarium! Many Portlanders opt to install a swing or hammock, along with a large comfy recliner.

How much does it cost to get a sunroom built in Portland?

As your bespoke sunroom depends on your needs, budget, and lifestyle, the price can vary.
However, as a rough estimate based on our years of experience, sunrooms made from wood or other standard materials can start at $15,000, whereas high-quality glass sunrooms can cost up to $22,000. Four-season rooms can be more expensive, starting at around $20,000. However, if you’re on a budget, you can always opt to install a screened porch, which would cost upwards of $5,000. If you would like to know exactly how much your custom sunroom will cost, one of our Refresh Portland design and remodel consultant can fill you in!

Will Refresh take care of any permit applications? 

Yes! At Refresh, we manage your entire renovation project from beginning to end. We start by providing you with bespoke designs, continue by applying for any required permits, and finish by delivering your project on-time and on-budget.

What types of sunroom building and remodelling services does Refresh provide in the Portland area?

  • Patio building and remodelling
  • Enclosure construction
  • Roofing building and repair
  • Bespoke sunroom design
  • Concrete sunroom creation 
  • Pergola installation
  • Conservatories building and remodelling
  • Patio covers/enclosures installation
  • Sunroom additions and extensions
  • Solarium decoration 
  • Screen room and screened porches building and installation
  • Sunroom fireplace installation
  • Screened porches on decks installation
  • Sunroom furniture and plants installation 
  • Sunroom interior design
  • Sunroom indoor/outdoor flow
  • Screens and sliding glass door installation 
  • ...and anything else you can think of!

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